How to put a Halloween candy as a WhatsApp icon

How to put a Halloween candy as a WhatsApp icon

With the next 31 October get Halloween 2022, the period most terrifying of the year. A day when the thin line of the spirit world merges with the world of the living. This is why many users like to personalize their smartphone to suit this time of year. Indeed, in The Green Android we have already seen which are the best apps, how to summon a ghost, a pumpkin and also which are the best Spotify Halloween 2022 lists. Today, however, we will go one step further and teach youhow to put a halloween candy as a whatsapp icon, so that you can customize your favorite messaging client in this way.

Is it possible to change the WhatsApp icon into a Halloween candy?

You can not change natively the original WhatsApp icon for a Halloween candy. However, we can use third-party applications such as Nova Launcher, which allows us to modify the direct access of this messaging client, offering us the possibility of adding custom icons.

Scarica Nova Launcher free 2022

Nova Launcher is an Android application that allows us to personalize our smartphone to the maximum. In this way we can modify the design of the icons as we have seen in this article where we have taught you how to put a pumpkin or a ghost as a WhatsApp icon.

You can download Nova Launcher directly from the Play Store for free via the following link.

Download a candy icon for whatsapp 2022

Once Nova Launcher is installed, we have to download a Halloween candy icon for whatsapp. To do this you can use the same Google Images through the following link.

How to put candy as a Halloween icon step by step 2022

The first thing we have to do is establish Nova Launcher like level of customization, to do that we have to select "All time", in this way it will always be active every time we restart the mobile.

The next step will be to create a WhatsApp shortcut and move it to the desktop. Once there, we will leave the icon pressed until the edit option, which is a pencil icon that we need to select.

On the next screen we will select the icon.

A screen will open where we will have to select the theme «Applications».

In this step we will have to choose our favorite gallery application.

The next step will be choose halloween candy icon for whatsapp.

How to Change WhatsApp Icon to a Halloween Candy in Android Easy and Fast 2022

  1. Here we can limit the edges of the candy icon to make it fit the most.
  2. Once finished, click on "Done".

Finally, we have to change the direct access to WhatsApp which now appears with the candy icon.

If you have followed the above steps correctly, now you will see a Halloween candy icon as a WhatsApp icon.

Remember that if you want to leave everything as it was, all you have to do is uninstall Nova Launcher or, even easier, delete the link.

In this simple way you can customize WhatsApp for this Halloween 2022. Remember that if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and I will try to answer them if I have time.

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