How to put a hashtag above the video title on YouTube

But what are hashtags and what are they for? You need to know how to use them correctly depending on the occasion, as hashtags or labels are largely the key to making successful YouTube videos.

The idea is to classify the content on the networks, so that the users can locate the word or topic. This will follow or exchange views between them; When you click on the hashtag, everything about that word or group of them is displayed.

What do we need to take into account to insert a hashtag?

Putting a hashtag is simple, first identify the content you want to share, a keyword or a series of them. If you decide on more, it is advisable to use upper and lower case letters to facilitate reading; The number symbol must be placed first, so the first letter of each word must be in uppercase and the others must be lowercase. All letters must be glued.

Hashtags are not to be abused, it is important put a few words and don't repeat them. If many users share the same hashtag, it will become a trend; Although each social network has different rules for users to include them in their publications.

How to put a hashtag above the video title on YouTube

For example Twitter only allows 140 characters, so users can enter two hashtags to share. In the case of Instagram, you can enter up to four per post; Thanks to the fact that different social networks are interconnected, it can be convenient to automatically generate hashtags for Instagram on Android, which link to your YouTube channel.

What are the rules to follow to use hashtags on YouTube?

It is important to follow some rules, for example that you must not enter hashtags that are not related to the video to be shared, and those that are intended for harassment, humiliation, intimidation or threats are prohibited; likewise all those who incite violence or hatred, because they will be withdrawn.

Videos should not be tagged with too many tags, no more than fifteen, because the content will be ignored or even deleted. Those that contain any content of a sexual nature are not allowed, those with obscene or offensive terms are also excluded; It is important to know all these rules to avoid inconveniences.

How to put a hashtag above the title of a YouTube video?

To make searches for certain content on YouTube more precise, new hashtags have been incorporated, including at the level of video titles and descriptions and they work in a similar way to what already exists on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Before, videos were searched by title, now on YouTube you can get them with hashtags, for example by writing # Olimpiadas2020 in the search bar; Next we will explain how to place a hashtag above the video title on YouTube, the purpose is to place them and make them easy to find.

To do this, we click on the "Edit video" button located on the right side of the title, then the description field is displayed, where hashtags are added at the end of the text ; If you wish, you can place several, but only the first three will be shown, obviously taking into account the policies mentioned above.

How to put a hashtag above the video title on YouTube

If you have no idea which words to use for the hashtag, you can fix this by tagging YouTube with keywords from the Keyword Tool. It is an online tool with which you can search for the main trends of the moment.

To conclude, we can mention that the positioning of the hashtag happens very easily and quickly, as well as being very useful tools for identification, communication, positioning and greater visibility of your videos.

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