How to put a Santa hat on the WhatsApp icon

How to put a Santa hat on the WhatsApp icon

Did you come to this tutorial because you want to give your smartphone a Christmas touch? Well, in The Power Of The Green Android we have already made articles about it, for example we already teach you how to put an animated Christmas tree as wallpaper, make it snow on your mobile or how to send stickers for Christmas. But today we will go further because today you will learn how to put a santa hat on whatsapp icon, that's why I invite you to stay until the end of this article so that you know how to do it step by step.

What do I need to put a Christmas hat on the WhatsApp icon??

You just need to meet these 2 requirements:

  1. Download the Nova Launcher app.
  2. Download a WhatsApp icon with a Santa hat.

What is Nova Launcher and what does it consist of?

It's a free Android app that allows us to add a layer of customization to our phone. Thanks to this, we can customize our icons, add wallpapers, change the app drawer or home screen.

Download Nova Launcher Free 2022

Nova Launcher is free and you can install it directly from the Play Store via the following link.

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Download a WhatsApp icon with Santa's hat 2022

The next thing we should do is select one of them Christmas WhatsApp icons and in the new window with a finger pressed we give the option to download an image.

How to add Santa hat to WhatsApp icon step by step 2022

The first time we open Nova Launcher we have to choose it so that it always runs on the Home screen.

So we have to press and hold the WhatsApp icon for a few seconds until it gives us the option to change it. To do this, we need to select the link icon again.

Then we will have at our disposal the following options:

  • Incorporated.
  • Applications.
  • Get more topics.

Of the 3 the only one that helps us is «Applications», we enter.

Now we have to choose a gallery application in which we have to look for the Christmas WhatsApp icon that we have previously downloaded.

We select the WhatsApp Christmas hat icon.

  1. We set the icon border height.
  2. La width.
  3. When we have everything to our liking, we give "Done".

To finish, we will click on «Finish» again.

And voila, we already know how put a Santa hat on your WhatsApp icon quickly and easily.

If you have any questions with this tutorial you can always leave me a comment and I will try to answer them as soon as possible. Don't forget to share this article with your social networks, which helps me to continue creating more articles like this… Thank you very much and Merry Christmas!

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