How to put a starter video or trailer on my YouTube channel? - Simple steps

It's kind of like the process of inserting custom thumbnails into YouTube videos or even creating and inserting an end screen. Only instead of the introduction, they are used in the conclusion of the video.

This advertising method, to call it somehow, works for newcomers " Followers ”That have just joined a user's channel.

Watching the launch video, they will see a preview or one snippet to get an idea of ​​what the channel is about and what content it shares.

It is an easy way to capture users without having to go through all the videos that have been posted. It's something simple and here's how to do it.

Steps to put a startup video or trailer on my YouTube channel

Before you can put a start-up video or trailer on the channel, you may need to enable the option to be able to customize the channel.

Sometimes it's not turned on by default, and the channel owner, within its settings, it must mark it to make it possible.

To do this, you need to log in and then enter the YouTube channel, which can be reached from the page of the same video platform.

In entering the “card Home” of the channel, a section where they should appear to edit, start cropping videos for new users, including those who have already registered, and re-enter.

If not, you have to go to the gear which is on the right hand side, right next to the subscribe button and the number of people subscribed.


How to put a starter video or trailer on my YouTube channel? - Simple steps

After selecting it, a small pop-up window will appear in which there will be unmarkable personalization and privacy options.

The first section will be from the second mentioned and below this there will be a choice that says " Customize the channel design ". If it is gray, it must be activated.

Put a starter video for new subscribers

When activate channel customization, upon exiting the settings, a section consisting of two tabs will appear at the top.

This segment is for inserting the entry video or trailer that users will see upon entering the channel.

To insert an initial video aimed at new subscribers, it is necessary to select the second tab of this section, being the order from right to left.

In it, a box will appear where a video should go and, on the one hand, a message saying " Welcome visitors who are not subscribed to your channel ".

In that box there will be a button that says " Channel advance ”With an addition or addition symbol, you have to press there to proceed.

After that, a pop-up window will be shown which will contain a series of videos, which are the ones that have been uploaded recently.

In this same window, it suggests you to choose an audiovisual product within your channel that represents it or describes it perfectly.

You can choose to search for the video you need by navigating with the mouse wheel or by entering its name. Once you have determined which one it will be, you choose with the pointer and, in the lower part of the window, you select the option " Save ".


How to put a starter video or trailer on my YouTube channel? - Simple steps

Put an entry video for already registered visitors

The procedure for putting a starter video for subscribers they are visiting the channel again is exactly the same as the previous one.

Only this time, in the section where it is positioned, the first tab will be chosen instead of the second, which says " For returning subscribers ".

From there you just have to do the same procedure, it should be remembered that in this case the same conditions as the new users do not apply.

You must use content that encourages the subscriber to stay on the channel or continue watching the content, as well as rate and share it.

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