How to put a Telegram chat on the home screen

How to put a Telegram chat on the home screen

If you use an application a lot, it's best to create a desktop shortcut on Android so that you can open the app faster and more efficiently. However, if we're talking about a messaging client, accessing a conversation is a more labor intensive process and it would be great to have the ability to put a Telegram chat on the home screen, right? Well, the truth is that yes it can and the same process that we have already seen in a tutorial on how to anchor a WhatsApp conversation on the Android desktop. Later in The Power Of The Green Android we will explain how to do it easily and quickly.

How to Pin a Telegram Conversation to Android Desktop Step by Step 2022

First of all, clarify what we are going to do is create a link to a Telegram conversation on the desktop of our phone, this has nothing to do with anchoring a Telegram message or conversation. Clarified this, for add a Telegram or group chat to Android startup we must enter the one that best suits us and click on the name of the user or group at the top of the screen.

Once inside the group or chat we must select the 3 horizontal lines at the top right.

A small submenu will open with 2 options:

  • To share.
  • Add to Home screen.

We will select the second available option.

How to add a Telegram chat or group to start 2022

First of all, we need to grant the application the necessary permissions so that it can add direct access to home screen, for this we need to do the following:

  1. We select the section that says «Home Screen Shortcuts».
  2. Select from the drop-down menu below "Accept".

How to Put a Telegram Chat on Your Home Screen 2022

If we go to the main screen of our phone we can see that we now have a new icon that it will take us directly to the conversation or Telegram group we have selected.

If you still have questions about how to create a link to a conversation on Telegram, you can always leave me a comment and I will try to reply as soon as possible. Remember that your support is very important, that's why you have social networks at your disposal to share this content if it has been useful to you.. Thank you very much for everything!

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