How to put accents on whatsapp

How to put accents on whatsapp

We have already seen a tutorial on how to activate the spell checker in WhatsApp. A simple article in which we discussed about how to use keyboard prediction to solve spelling problems. The fact is that autocorrect won't always be there to save us from a mistake, which is very common in the little use of accents in our WhatsApp conversations. Therefore, today we will see how to put accents on whatsapp, a simple but necessary article.

How to put accents on whatsapp

The first thing we need to do is to make sure we have our keyboard in our language (in this case Spanish – Spain). To do this, we will follow the following path: Settings > Languages ​​> Spanish (Spain).

Once everything is correct we will be able to insert the accents in WhatsApp, now we will explain the simple steps to put the accents.

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How to put tildes in whatsapp

Put the accents in WhatsApp it's as simple as open a conversation. Once inside we begin to write the word and the letter that accompanies the accent we leave it pressed. For example, if we press for a moment the letter "e" , its accented version will appear "It is".

Tilde su WhatsApp.

Why it is important to know how to put accents on WhatsApp

It may sound silly but knowing how to put gli accents in WhatsApp it is very important since they bring a naturalness and greater understanding to the conversation. In a medium like this, where misunderstandings are very frequent, know how to put accents in WhatsApp it is very useful.

Put accents on WhatsApp

With these practical examples you will surely understand it better, it is not the same to say:

«Dad eats potatoes with meat»

What about this:

«The Pope eats potatoes with meat»

This is a clear (silly, but clear) example that it is needed know how to put accents in WhatsApp. Well… what do you think? A simple but necessary tutorial, someone had to do it! You can comment your impressions as always below in the comment box, don't forget to share and thank you very much for your time!

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