How to put and set up Nightbot on Twitch? - Set up Twitch with bots

Does the configuration of Nightbot in Twtich have any advantages? Not just one, but several!

Know the benefits this tool offers you will allow you to opt for it in seconds. If you decide to put and set up Nightbot on Twitch, a useful range of options will quickly be available to you.

For sure, the most outstanding of all is its handling and versatility, not only for Twitch, but for YouTube as well. That's why Nightbot is a powerful ally when it comes to automatically moderating any broadcast, while maintaining a pleasant environment.

Absolute moderation: filters for spam messages

The famous spam is people's comfort zone whose goal is to destabilize certain premises within a given platform. For this reason, one of the many advantages of using the Nightbot is being able to filter spam, so that you can determine from the start what you can say, how you can say and when you can say.

How to put and set up Nightbot on Twitch? - Set up Twitch with bots

Backup adeguato: The Famous Records

An excellent one advantageous feature of being able to use the Nightbot for Twitch is the fact that the bot does not provide any information. In relation to this point, this tool is able to save an autonomous recording of each chat or "ban".

This means that you will have adequate and targeted control over the exact date a user was kicked out or a message was deleted.

Nightbot is cloud-based for added convenience

That's right, you won't have to worry about running out of storage space on your computer or device, as it's in the cloud. Underlining this, it is available at any time and moment, as its association with the cloud gives it that quality. It won't be difficult to set up Nightbot for Twitch.

The spectator, spoiled by Nightbot

As additional modes, through Nightbot it is possible to perform certain actions while streaming on Twitch from a mobile or computer.

But what are they? The nightbot has an option so that the user can choose the music, based on the protagonist, at a specific time. In turn, it is the bearer of a lottery system, if in the middle of streaming you want to reward a user by playing with chance.

So, these are the steps to follow to install Nightbot on Twitch! Don't miss them!

By logging into the official Neightbot website, it's where it all will begin to reach the ultimate goal. First, you need to log into Twitch via the platform the bot is on.

How to put and set up Nightbot on Twitch? - Set up Twitch with bots

If you don't have a Twitch affiliate account, we recommend that you do so, otherwise you will waste time. If this is not your case, proceed to locate the option «Join the channel» in accordance with the login.

As you progress, to set up Nightbot in Twtich, the platform will have a series of steps or notifications to guide you. In the end, if everything went to the letter, you will be in the main Nightbot dashboard.

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