How to put horizontal and vertical sheets in Word - that easy

As you master more and more techniques, your office value will increase, as you will work at a faster pace than your colleagues. On this occasion, we will teach you how to insert horizontal and vertical sheets in Word, quickly and easily.

This is one of those simple, yet very useful tutorials. When working with different types of documents, the traditional portrait orientation may not work for everyone. Depending on your needs, you can establish texts in horizontal or vertical mode, taking advantage of the practical features of Microsoft Word.

Keep in mind that a single article will not be enough for maximize your knowledge. You will need to review several guides of the entire Microsoft Office suite, as each program can integrate another.

Also, since the interfaces are similar, you will progressively increase your skills in all. I recommend starting by practicing with Word, then moving on to Excel and PowerPoint.

To know any of these utilities, you must have downloaded and installed Word from its official website. The package might sound expensive, but it's honestly inexpensive, considering everything it offers. Consider it an investment in the future, which will allow you to get better jobs, with much higher salaries.

What is Microsoft Word?

This software belongs to the Microsoft Office family. A suite of computer programs specially designed for facilitate office activities. With them, work efficiency can be improved, providing convenience to employees.

Word is the word processor of the line. In other words, it gives the possibility to customize texts or edit Word documents; changing its color, font, size and many other things that make writing distinctive.

What is office automation?

Office automation is an IT branch that includes automated office work tools. In these times, it is essential for the smooth running of any office.

This branch includes software such as word processors, Excel spreadsheets, presentation sheets, utilities such as calculators and journals, and so on.

How to insert vertical and horizontal sheets in Word?

The process is really simple. Try this as we go through the guide, as by experimenting with your hands, you will be able to master it quickly.

Open your word processor and enter the theme you want to work on. It can be a test for this occasion. Accordingly, look for the card Format, present in the context menu at the top of the software. There you will find many different options, such as: Margins, Orientation, Dimensions, Columns and so on.

Press on what it says Orientation (located on the left of the menu). There, a window will appear where you can choose portrait or landscape orientation for the document.

How to put horizontal and vertical sheets in Word - that easy

Now, what if you want some sheets vertically and others horizontally, in the same document? The truth is, there is a method to establish it this way.

You will return to the context menu, but this time to the tab Show. With this, you will be able to comfortably see all the sheets of your document. Click the one whose orientation you want to change and return to the tab Format

You will notice that in the first section of the tools, on the left, there is a small text that says Set page, with a small arrow icon on the side.

This action will open the page settings window. Inside, we will select the Horizontal or Vertical option, as required. All that remains is to look at the bottom of the window and, in the option Apply to, we will choose From here on out. You can apply this process on each sheet, to define the individual orientation they will carry.

How to put horizontal and vertical sheets in Word - that easy

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