How to put links on TikTok

How to put links on TikTok

In TikTok we can do almost everything with videos, we can cut them, edit them, add effects, but one of the things that users look for the most is how to insert links in TikTok, so below we will tell you everything about it and in this way you can add the links you want in the trending social network.

TikTok is undoubtedly one of the most used social networks in the world, even if it is Instagram that takes the podium, TikTok is gaining more and more audience, be it in the form of Tiktokers joining in the creation of their content or new users spending hours watching each other's videos.

We have already told on our site how to insert links on Instagram and the correct way to do it, but now it's the turn of TikTok, therefore, below we will show you how to insert links and where we can do it, because it is not possible in all sections app

Links in TikTok bio

La bio or TikTok profile is one of the sections that your followers see the most, either to see the profiles of other social networks or to search for some of your videos, but we can also insert links so that we can redirect them to other websites, such as your online store or any other. Furthermore, the links will also allow you to gain more TikTok followers, as you will reach a larger audience.

Currently TikTok allows you to have two types of accounts, personal accounts and creator or business accounts. With the personal account we can only add links to our social networks Instagram and YouTube, but with the creator account we will have access to new functions and we will be able to add other links to external websites.

To change the type of account in TikTok you will have to follow these steps:

  1. The first step will be to access our TikTok profile by clicking on the icon at the bottom right.
  2. Now we will have to click on three lines which we find at the top right.
  3. Click on «Manage account».

  1. Now click on «Switch to company account».

  1. You have to choose the category of your company.

Now to start editing your company profile you will have to click on "Edit profile" and follow these steps:

  1. As you have seen, many more options for filling out the profile will appear, a section called "Website", here you will be able to insert the link you want, the most normal thing is that we put a link to a "link tree", i.e. a website where we can add many more links, such as LinkTree, Beacons or

Linking on TikTok is very similar to linking on Instagram posts, so you can also see many other solutions for add links on TikTok, you should also know that bio or profile is the only place where we can put links on TikTok, because in videos there is no way to put them yet.

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