How to put or add the Swipe up feature on Instagram - Activate Swipe Up

Instagram has become a recurring social network over the years that has added a significant amount of options for streamers, influencers, and people who want to start some kind of business on the social network, one of the many functions or services offered by the application is the Swipe Up, which strikes when you load a story.

What is Swipe Up?

Swipe up or swipe up is a quick way to direct followers or users to a link or site specific that we want to add to the story, this is a quick way to get a user's followers to visit a website or site that we are Promoting or just sharing, it is usually very useful when promoting things on Instagram, however it has some requirements for be able to enable it.

How do I add the Instagram Swipe Up feature?

Instagram has enabled this option for people or brands of a large number of people because it is aimed at businesses and businesses in general, for this instagram requires a series of requirements to enable it, quite simple but a bit boring in the same way in order to limit this function to a certain group of users of the social network.

How to put or add the Swipe up feature on Instagram - Activate Swipe Up

The requirements are basic and simple, starting with the fact that you must have an amount of 10.000 followers on your instagram account  in order to get followers, once this amount is reached, instagram takes you as an important user or a company that needs certain functions to improve the user experience, for this reason instagram implements this requirement.

Also a faster way to add this feature is to verify the account, that is have the blue check mark that it is obtained through the account settings and asking instagram to verify it, whether you are a public figure, an artist or a company, instagram will examine the account to see if it meets the conditions to be verified.

Open a company account or company profile, that is to create an Instagram account and not register it in the application as a user but as a company or company, this makes it easier for Instagram to add the Swipe up option to the account, however it also happens for an important check to see if it really is a company or simply a user who uses this type of profile.

The benefits of Swipe Up are important when practicing a type of digital marketing, being a tool widely used by community managers and by people who are dedicated to promoting a certain type of activity or advertising through social networks, there has been an exponential increase in the number of visits and sales of accounts that have used the function to commercial purposes.

So that you need a number of instagram followers not just as a follower but also as content consumers or customers who support or are interested in the product you are promoting in your instagram account as you want to grow as a public entity or person within the application that improves your way of getting an audience.

However, a fairly notable problem with this instagram feature is that excludes accounts that are growing or small accounts who want to start or grow faster, instagram does not take into account the development of the account or the user but takes advantage of the provision of these functions to accounts already grown without the need for promotion through stories on the platform.

How to put or add the Swipe up feature on Instagram - Activate Swipe Up

For this reason, the purpose of the article, in addition to explaining how to put and add the Swipe Up, is also to show that this function has a problem when you want to use it and is the fulfillment of conditions restricting access to Swipe Su, there are no other ways or faster ways to do this because it is included in the terms and conditions when opening an account on the social network.

Anyway, there are several ways to promote yourself or redirect followers, and it is by inserting a link in the profile description or simply by inserting the direct link in the application, aesthetically it is not flashy but it conforms to the standards that the option of Scroll up only in a more limited and less attractive way.

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