How to put or add the WhatsApp button on my Facebook page

This is an option that seeks to maximize and support those sellers, so that users have much more direct communication with them. Thanks to this project and the ease of communication, many companies have seen greater growth in their sales and their interaction with the public.

It is important that you learn how to use it, because if you are the owner of a company which has its own space on Facebook, this will help you create more sales, reactions to offers and promotions that you share with the people who follow you.

All this web revolution it happened when Facebook acquired WhatsApp and introduced it as part of its services, so it's also possible to create a WhatsApp link on Facebook. However, it is important to note that despite the fact that this company was absorbed by another, this did not make any difference in the use of its tools. Therefore, it is still free.

When you make any type of publication on your company profile, the WhatsApp button will appear in the ads, with which you will see that the contact that users will have with you is facilitated.

How to put or add the WhatsApp button on my Facebook page

How to place the WhatsApp button within your Facebook ads?

If you agree with all the advertising conditions that Facebook places for companies and commercial activities, you can easily and simply place the contact button so that all users can access a telephone number. To do that, you just need to follow the following steps:

  • To get started, you just need to log into your Facebook page and start the process of creating an ad. When you do, you just have to choose the publication, the settings and the details you want the advertisement to have.
  • Once all these settings are ready, go to the " Boost Publishing ". This can be found in the same advertisement post without any problem.
  • After pressing this option, you will see that the option " Add button "Where you need to be on the button" Send message with WhatsApp ”Which you can quickly find in the menu below.
    A small form will open there, in which you will have to follow a series of instructions to be able to add, configure and confirm the WhatsApp number to which you want your messages or calls to arrive. identification.
  • Once all these steps have been completed, the option will be available to all those people who wish to contact you or your corporate office.

This option is available worldwide and is compatible and easy to use from any device or web platform, which is why it is considered one of the best options for communicating with a company or web startup.

How to put or add the WhatsApp button on my Facebook page

What are the benefits of using this contact tool?

  • It helps you to generate direct contact between users, as well as being a convenient customization tool in terms of orders and the contact that will be maintained between customers.
  • Thanks to the speed of contact, it is possible that the response and action between us distributors and customers are fast, generating even more satisfaction among users.
  • Helps you create a bond more stretto and satisfactory with your customers. Thus creating a solid and lasting relationship between customer and supplier.
  • Helps reduce waiting times for i products. This is an important factor, as this way customers don't feel obligated to put the order aside, but are provided with all the tools they need to close a deal.
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