How to put or change the background in Tiktok videos

TikTok has become one of the most prominent entertainment applications in recent years and it's no wonder. The app created by ByteDance offers endless features that users can enjoy showing their creativity. In this article we discover one of those functions, the one it offers you the ability to change the background of your TikTok videos.

The platform does not set any limits when it comes to setting any image you have on your mobile as your video wallpaper, so you can already imagine the infinity of videos you can create thanks to this tool. First of all, you need to download TikTok and make sure you have the updated app to enjoy all its news.

How to put or change the background in Tiktok videos

There are great backgrounds you can use for your TikTok videos

How to change wallpaper on TikTokk videos

If you are one of those users who only want to see the contents of the social network without creating personal videos, you should know that it is possible to use TikTok without having to download the app on your mobile. On the contrary, if you aspire to become a true star of the platform of the moment, you have to download the app and learn to master it by discovering all the tricks than the protagonist.

One of them is the one we will detail below, which focuses on editing the virtual funds of your TikTok videos. Thanks to this tool, you can register on the beach, in space or wherever you want without leaving the house. You just have to download the images or videos you want to use as wallpapers to have them in your mobile gallery.

Let's delve deeply into the effects of TikTok to explain, step by step, how to change the background of the videos you record on the most popular platform of the moment.

  1. Apri TikTok e click the + button in the bottom bar to start recording a new video.
  2. Click the Effects section in the lower left corner of the registration screen. This will show the effects menu showing all available options.
  3. In the Effects section, you should look for the two that will allow you to change the background for set a photo or video as your wallpaper video you are about to record. The first of them is represented by an image gallery icon and the second, similar, also has play and download buttons overlaid. You can find them both in the Effects section and they are usually also present in the Top section.
  4. Click on the effect you want to use and a small preview of the latest images in the gallery will appear. To access your entire collection of images, select the + button that appears on the left. You just have to do click on the photo or video you want to use to make it the background of your video on TikTok.
  5. Record the video you have in mind and in the end, you just have to publish it so that other users can have fun with it.

How to put or change the background in Tiktok videos

Despite its reign being threatened by platforms like Byte, TikTok's popularity is assured in the future thanks to features like the one explained so far. But it doesn't stop there, because we will recommend those funds that cannot be missing in your gallery to record TikTok videos.

9 awesome wallpapers to use on TikTok

Changing the background of a video on TikTok is interesting because you can innovate with the images you have in your phone's gallery. But you don't have to limit yourself to just your personal photos, you can also use it others with different themes.

To help you, we wanted to create a fundraiser that you can use on TikTok to give your creations a different look. Here we leave you a gallery so you can see one small preview of our selection.

How to put or change the background in Tiktok videos

For example, with the images shown above, you can pay tribute to TikTok with the wallpaper with its logo, create a scary short film located in a dark corridor, congratulate the your followers for Christmas or go to Fondo Roca to record something with SpongeBob and his friends. You can also emulate the best memes on the net while displaying the real ones in the background.

To download the funds for use on TikTok in their original quality, go to the following Google Drive folder. Once downloaded, you need to think and implement fun ideas that can be successful on the social network.

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