How to put the countdown sticker on Instagram Stories

Now you can save and download Instagram photos, stories and videos or add music to Instagram stories. But humans always want more and that happens with stickers.

In case you don't know how to place it, don't worry, we are here to help you. So keep reading this article to learn to put a sticker for the countdown.

Instagram countdown sticker

To get started you need to enter your account Instagram, enter your profile and then you have to select the option to upload a story.

When the Instagram camera appears, you will notice that at the top there is the Sticker option. The figure resembles a square face, the edge of which slides towards the center of the icon. Select this option.

In the next window you will see several options, now you just have to select the call option » Countdown «, Is usually found on the right side of the screen.



How to put the countdown sticker on Instagram Stories

A box will appear at the top of your screen with the box » Create countdown «, You have to select it with a touch on the screen.

Now you just have to write what you want so that it has a title, you have the ability to allow your followers to choose if they want to have a reminder, as well as the option to share said countdown.

Then you have the possibility to set a date for the inspection. To do this, select the date option which will give you a small window with that option.

Below is present a tab that allows you to deactivate the publication so that it does not last all day.

There is also another option at the top of this window where you can choose the color you want the sticker of tale to the reverses. Press the colored circle and voila!

When you have everything ready and complete, you can choose where you want on the screen for place the countdown box.

Once you have finished the countdown box, you will notice that there is an option at the top, on the right hand side that says " Done «, You will select it by clicking on it.

In the next window, you have the option to share the publication with a friend who is in your next list, or you can publish it in your state by selecting the icon «the my state «.

Notification of Instagram reminders

You have to remember that, in case you have activated the little blue tab to allow reminders, you will have the option to display when each user activates this option. It will be so because you will be notified.


How to put the countdown sticker on Instagram Stories

To do this, you must enter the stories of the users who have published a countdown and select it by pressing on it.

You will notice that a small box with two options, the option to share that post in your story, and the option to remember. This option has a bell icon.

In case you have chosen the option " remember me «, You will receive a notification on your Instagram account, indicating the time remaining for the end of this countdown.

An icon may appear at the top of your timeline, or can solitamente see it in the private messages part.

By selecting this option you will see that the reminder (s) you have selected is found at the top of the message line.

Without much more to add, we hope you can now place the countdown sticker on Instagram and tag someone in the story. Fortune!

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