How to put the subscribe button on my Youtube videos? - Fast and easy

It is a useful tool because it will no longer be necessary for the user to browse the channel to subscribe.

This makes the business more simple and, if someone liked the video they saw, they can quickly and easily follow the channel.

Many experienced editing community members know how to handle these new features thanks to their background. For a new user it can be a little tricky, luckily this guide shows you how to do it in a few simple steps.

Locate in the YouTube Studio video menu

The first thing, of course, is to access the YouTube profile, which can be done from the main page of the web, or from the address Google.

Once the session is initiated, within the channel you need to locate the option to access YouTube Studio, which is where the process will take place.

To achieve this, you have to press the icon at the top right where the profile avatar appears, in this way a settings menu.

In it, you should look for the option that says " YouTube Studio «, Which should be the third option and should be represented by a gear that contains the page symbol inside.


How to put the subscribe button on my Youtube videos? - Fast and easy

This will launch us into a section of the platform, that is a creative space in which shows channel stats and other stuff.

In this screen, there will be a side menu that will contain several options, to perform the procedure you need to select the one that says " Video ". This will show the list of content uploaded to the channel, here you will select the video you want to insert the button to by clicking on its thumbnail.

Set the sign up button as your final screen

By selecting the thumbnail of the audiovisual product, you will be redirected to a configuration section of the same, where you can make various changes.

But elements can also be added to the content, such as end screens, which appear a few seconds before the end of the video with information and / or action buttons.

From this method you can position the button to subscribe to one or all videos, everything will depend on the user and his time.

Find the "End Screen" button

To locate this section, you have to explore the page by going a little down, on the right you can see the «Final screen» button.

To access this section you have to select it by clicking on it, this will take us to one edit screen similar to conventional programs.

Therefore, a box will appear showing the preview of the video and a time bar at the bottom, where the last 20 seconds will be displayed.


How to put the subscribe button on my Youtube videos? - Fast and easy

Add the final screen by selecting the Add button

Right there, at the bottom left, you will have pasted a box with three icons on the time bar. The first has an addition symbol.

This item allows you to add a new end screen where the user left the time bar cursor. That is, where the time will be paused.

Select the type of final screen

Finally, when you click on the cross-shaped button, a series of options or alternatives for the item you want to insert.

These options are: Video, Playlist, Subscribe, Channel, Link. They have different roles and actions when a user selects them.

In this case, obviously, what he says will be chosen " SUBSCRIBE »To insert a button through which other users can follow the channel directly.

It remains only to determine the size and duration of the button, which will be to the liking of the person and, finally, the option is selected " Save «.

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