How to read Instagram messages without the visa appearing

Either because of a privacy issue or because you don't want to reply to all messages as they arrive on your device. Being able to see them without the famous "seen" appearing should be something that is configured on Instagram in the same way we do it on WhatsApp.

However, this is not possible for now from the application. Likewise, it's not something to worry too much about as there are apps that allow us not only to read messages without the visa appearing on Instagram. But there offer also other very interesting advantages in applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Next, we will look at two methods so that no one knows that we have seen a message. The first method is mostly focused on those people who need to do it very punctually. While the second is much more practical and we can use it comfortably at any time in a very simple way.

How to read Instagram messages without the visa appearing

Read Instagram messages without leaving your visa

The first method is impractical, but it doesn't actually require you to download any kind of app. So, for those people who don't want to download third party applications, it can come in handy.

When someone sends you an Instagram message, what you should do is disconnect the Wi-Fi or mobile data. Once the Internet is disconnected, you can open the message in question. In case you want to reconnect to the internet without the check mark appearing, you must first close the application.

This method is not exactly the most comfortable, but if you want to read a message without exiting from time to time then it is the best since you don't need to download any application.

View on Instagram without messages appearing

In case you don't like to leave your visa. Do not worry because there is an application that not only it will help us to read the messages without leaving the visa for Instagram; It also works for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Also, with WhatsApp you can listen or play the voice notes without marking the check mark.

This application doesn't just work to view messages without the visa appearing. But it also works for read deleted WhatsApp messages. So it is considerably useful and highly recommended to have it installed.

How to read Instagram messages without the visa appearing

The application we are referring to is Unseen. This application is available from the Play Store so you won't have any problems downloading it quickly.

Once you have downloaded the app, all you have to do is open it and specify in the app that you will use it with Instagram. In case you want to use it with Messenger or WhatsApp you have to activate this option.

Now every time you get a new message you will see two notifications appear. The first will be the classic Instagram notification and the second will be from Unseen. In order for the control in question not to appear, the message must be opened from the Unseen application.

When you do this to the other person, the check mark will not appear. You can reply whenever you want and it won't seem like it never have read the message. Even if you have Unseen chat always open.

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