How to record gameplay on your mobile and upload it to YouTube

By profession, youtuber. Surely on more than one occasion you have dreamed of having your own YouTube channel, with thousands and thousands of followers and make videos of what you like best, such as analyzing cell phones or playing video games.

And be careful, because being a successful youtuber is not achieved overnight but requires a lot of effort and dedication. Certain, the truth is, you don't need to have a cutting-edge technology team. Honestly, with just one smartphone we can record gameplay and upload it directly to the YouTube platform without spending a lot of money along the way.

Do you want to know how? It is really simple and very fast.

How to record games

How to record gameplay on your mobile and upload it to YouTube

Uploading your favorite games to YouTube is very simple

The truth is, there are many interesting mobile games. Many will think that this type of video game is for casual people, but the truth is that we can find high-quality titles with graphics that look like a console. And you may want to share these video games with the rest of the internet community, especially YouTube. Fortunately, it is quite simple.

The first thing we need to take into account to record gameplay is the brand of our mobile device. Today, many companies have their own application for recording the screen so there is no need to download any third party service. More concretely:

  • Samsung: you have the option in the taskbar.
  • Xiaomi: in the tools folder there is the option to record the screen.
  • Huawei: in instruments.
  • iPhone: in the control center. If they are not shown, they will need to be activated in Settings -> Control Center.
  • Terminals with Android 11: in the Quick Access Toolbar.

What if we don't have a mobile of these brands and we don't even have Android 11? Nothing is happening. We just have to go to the Google application store and download one of the many apps that exist for this purpose. In particular, we recommend AZ Screen Recorder not only because it is one of the older tools, but also because of its multiple features, its good scores, because it does not require admin or ROOT permissions, and because it is free.

Regardless of which option you choose, we can choose if we want to record only the game or also record our voice - for this we recommend good headphones -. As you can see, this is really simple and we just needed a smartphone to do it. The best of everything? You don't even need a very expensive smartphone to record good gameplay.

How to upload the video to YouTube

How to record gameplay on your mobile and upload it to YouTube

In just a few minutes we can upload amazing videos to our YouTube channel

We have already recorded and saved our gameplay in the smartphone memory, it turned out to be spectacular and our voice can be heard clearly. How does it upload to Youtube? Well, how could it be otherwise, it's also very simple.

The first thing is that unless you have unlimited data rate, it is best to be connected to a Wi-Fi network for this process, not only for the cost of the data but also for uploading it to the network in the shortest possible time.

To upload our videos to YouTube you don't need a computer or some strange program. Obviously if we want to add effects or modify it professionally it will be necessary, but do not upload it to the network while it is being recorded.

We just need to have the YouTube app installed on our smartphone. Once this is done, we will log into our account or create a specific one if what we will do is upload the gameplay of the video games. We will add a cover photo, a profile photo and a broad and comprehensive description. All of this is key to attracting more people and the better so it is advisable to waste a few minutes on it.

How to record gameplay on your mobile and upload it to YouTube

Gaming phones are great for enjoying your favorite video games.

Within the app, you have to just click on the camera icon at the top, give access to what YouTube requires and choose the gameplay in question. We give a catchy title to our video and this guarantees us visits and a broad description. Again, the more time we "waste" on this, the better it is for our video to reach more people.

Once all this is done (video title, video thumbnail and description), we just have to press the upload button and our gameplay will start loading more or less quickly depending on our connection and the size of the video. And it's that easy and simple that we can start being a youtuber without having to spend money on cutting-edge technological equipment.

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