How to recover an iPhone that won't boot

The iPhone has become the world's favorite smartphone due to its reliability and flawless operation. But that doesn't mean it can't crash or that eventually something might break in the software and you can't get it back.

You may have come across an iPhone that is stuck in an update or reset or that cannot boot into the iOS operating system. 

Apple offers some solutions to try to get the device out of the loop, but in general they are options that are ineffective or require formatting the iPhone or iPad as if it came from the factory, so you lose all data, documents and photos contains.

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Among the problems that iOS users may encounter are:

  • Black screen of death
  • Device that cannot get past the screen with the Apple logo
  • Exit the iPhone from recovery mode
  • Device not responding or has frozen
  • Device that does not turn on
  • The "Swipe to Unlock" option is not displayed

These are some of the most common problems, although there may be more. 

Maybe words like "frozen", "screen of death", "stuck" sound funny or funny, but if you've ever seen yourself in that situation, you know exactly what they mean.

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If the traditional methods have not worked and you are still desperate because your iPhone or iPad has become a very expensive paperweight, we suggest you try Fixxpo

How to recover an iPhone that won't boot

What is Fixppo

Put simply, the iMyFone Fixppo app is a tool to repair the iOS operating system. It's a simple and straightforward alternative to use when your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is left on the startup screen with the Apple logo, when it's unresponsive, or when it's hung up leaving the screen blank or black.

Its purpose is to restore the device to its normal functionality by repairing errors that may have occurred in the operating system code. 

The great advantage of Fixppo is that it has a free trial version available that you can use to test the program's functionality and ease of use.

These are the situations in which Fixppo can help you

Standard mode Advanced mode
All iPhone stuck problems (in recovery mode, Apple logo, spinning circle, boot in loop, black / white screen of death, etc.) Yup There's no need
Device that does not respond, does not turn on, does not reset, or that the screen does not respond to inputs Yup There's no need
TvOS problems Yup It can
Fix bugs when Standard mode fails No Yup

Standard mode:

This mode is perfect for solving most of the common iOS problems. These are the steps to use it:

Download and install Fixppo. Open the app and select Standard Mode. Connect the iOS device to the computer using the corresponding USB cable and unlock it (if possible). 

If the program cannot detect your device, follow the onscreen instructions to put it into DFU / recovery mode. Various firmware versions compatible with your device will appear. Select one and click "Download". Once the download is complete, click "Start" and the program will begin repairing your device. Keep the device connected until the program ends.

Advanced mode:

This is the mode to choose if the standard mode does not solve the device problem.

To do this, in the main program window select "Advanced mode" and connect the device to the computer via the USB cable. Click "Download" to download the appropriate firmware for your device. Click on the "Start" button and the program will start trying to repair your device.

The free demo version only allows you to enter recovery mode and exit recovery mode. This way you will be able to know if the program can easily recover your device or if its problems are more serious and will require advanced mode.


On iPhone and iPad we bring our life, our photos and everything we need: from emails to credit cards.

When something in the operating system goes wrong and we cannot access it, it is normal for us to go through moments of anguish. Fortunately, applications like Fixppo allow us to get out of this problem and recover the device without losing any information.

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