How to recover deleted messages on Instagram

How to recover deleted messages on Instagram

Instagram direct messages came a long time ago and surely you've ever had more than one conversation that you either accidentally deleted or just want to recover the messages you had deleted in said conversation on Instagram.

Well, we want you to know that it is possible to recover those messages that you deleted accidentally or on purpose or perhaps because you changed your mobile phone and you need to have access to the messages you sent from your old phone.

Recover your Instagram messages in a very simple way

As mentioned above, it is possible to recover deleted instagram direct messages and you should also know that it's very easy to do, you just have to follow a few steps to be able to recover all the ones you need:

  1. Access your Instagram from your mobile.
  2. In the next step you will need to access your profile by clicking on the profile picture icon.

  1. Now we will have to press the key "Menu".
  2. Then click "Settings".

  1. You will need to look for the option "Safety".

  1. Then click «Download data», with this we will request a copy of all our Instagram files including the messages we have had through direct messages.

  1. You must add your Instagram email and password and within a maximum period of 48 hours you will receive a compressed file with all the data in your email and there you can see the messages that we had previously deleted.

For more security , we recommend that you download from a trusted computer and delete the email once downloaded, as the data you receive in a compressed ZIP file is very important and private.

And so far the way to recover deleted messages on instagram and you should also know that these messages that you have recovered will never get back to your mailbox, i.e. you are not restoring the messages, you can only consult them.

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