How to recover my old Facebook account if I don't have the same number as before

Can I recover my old Facebook account? What do I need to recover my Facebook account? If I no longer have the same number as before, can I regain access to my old Facebook account?

Facebook is one of the best platforms out there, it ranks as the social network mother and it's been online for the longest time. The first time you decided to create a Facebook account was certainly more than 10 years ago.

When registering with Facebook you need to connect an email account, set a password and add a phone number for security reasons. Adding a phone number to Facebook is a good alternative to email.

In case you are unable to access the your old Facebook account because you do not remember your password and you have changed your phone number, don't worry, Facebook allows you to recover your password if you have forgotten it and today at miracomosehace we will explain how to do it step by step.

What methods are there to recover an old Facebook account?

If you have lost access to your old Facebook account, you can regain access to it as Facebook provides several recovery methods.

The first way to log into your old Facebook account is to enter the password you established when creating your account, however it is extremely common to forget password created a long time ago.

The second way or method to log into your Facebook account is by email, normally when registering with Facebook the platform requires an e-mail or, failing that, a telephone number.

If you no longer have the phone number you registered with for yours old Facebook account because you changed lines, your mobile device has been stolen or for any other reason, you can still get your Facebook account back via verification methods.

How to recover my old Facebook account if I don't have the same number as before

Through i Facebook verification methods you can recover your old account in case you forget your password, you no longer have access to your email or change your phone number, in the same way you can recover a hacked Facebook account.

Method to recover Facebook account without phone number

recover your old Facebook account you will need to reset your password. For this, the first way to log back into your old Facebook account and reset your password without email or phone number is to report an error while logging in.

To report an error during login you must log in to «», on this Facebook web page you must fill in the information fields with the data of your old account.

Next you will need to send a message to Facebook support, for example: “Sincerely, dear Facebook support, the reason for this message is to report a problem with my Facebook account and request help. I don't have access to the email I entered when I registered and changed my mobile number, so I can't access my account. I await your prompt reply, my Facebook address is ".

In this way, the Facebook support team will contact you to provide you with a solution and an alternative to log into your old account Facebook in a period not exceeding 48 hours.

Ask your friends for help to recover your old account

Another way to regain access to your old Facebook account is with the help of friends who are added to your account. For this you have to go to the sito «» and write your username or legal name. 

How to recover my old Facebook account if I don't have the same number as before

So you have to press the button "Lost access?" and then enter an email or phone number that you currently have access to. Facebook will ask you to enter the names of 4 friends who are in your old Facebook account.

Facebook will send you a link that you will have to send to the 4 friends you mentioned, they just have to click on that link and send you the access code. This will allow you to reset your Facebook password and regain access to your account.

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