How to recycle with your mobile: the best apps (2021)

Google Play Store stands out for having a great variety of Android applications, which will help you perform any daily activity. For example, and if you are concerned about the environment, you can also find recycling app that you can download for free on your mobile. There is a few other recycling apps as well Children, so that even the smallest of the house contribute their share.

Caring for the environment and the sustainability of the planet are two of the most important challenges we face and it is in our power to ensure that they are met. This is why it is important to recycle and to know how to separate and place any waste that is generated in the relative bin. If you have any questions about how to do this, you can always use your mobile and install the best ones mobile applications to recycle.

How to recycle with your mobile: the best apps (2021)

The recycling of the Simpsons characters.

The 7 best recycling apps for mobile devices

  • AIR-E Intelligent Recycling Assistant
  • clean stain
  • Recycle and add
  • Recycle now
  • Recycle the coach
  • Let's learn how to recycle
  • To recycle

AIR-E Intelligent Recycling Assistant

AIR-E Smart Recycling Assistant belongs to Ecoembes and is an application that solves any recycling questions you may have. For example, it teaches you to know right away in which separate collection container each waste is thrown to obtain its proper recycling. In addition, it can also answer your questions via text and voice 24 hours a day and is available in several languages: Spanish, Basque, Catalan and Galician.

clean stain

How to recycle with your mobile: the best apps (2021)

Cleanspot, an app to locate recycling points.

Cleanspot is an application for Android and iOS that allows you to easily locate collection points differentiated in your city, such as specialized containers or clean spots. It has the location of over 65.000 geo-localized points throughout Spain and simply by taking a picture of the waste you want to throw away, the app indicates the closest point to your location where you can deposit it. In addition, it also includes a CO2 calculator so you can calculate and share how much CO2 you avoid by recycling your waste or donating / reusing what you no longer need.

Recycle and add

Recycle and Sum is a tool designed to encourage recycling, as it encourages users to get used to separating the waste produced at home and then go to their respective containers and recycle them. An app that stands out for generating habit in people and with whom learn to recycle.

Recycle now

Recycle Now is an application developed by the Carrefour supermarket chain which, in addition to helping to recycle and answer questions, also rewards the user for taking this action. By using the app to recycle, you will earn points that you can convert into prizes.

Recycle the coach

How to recycle with your mobile: the best apps (2021)

Recycle Coach, an interesting app to learn how to recycle.

RecycleCoach is a recycling app that will let you know which container to throw each generated waste. An app that stands out for having an updated calendar with recycling events, reminders with which to get information, tricks, recycling tips and the ability to report if a bin is broken, among other features.

Let's learn how to recycle

Let's learn how to recycle is an application for the little ones of the house to learn how to throw waste in the corresponding containers, all through some small games with which they will travel to the places of Argentina. A game available in both English and Spanish.

To recycle!

How to recycle with your mobile: the best apps (2021)

Recycle !, an app to find clean spots easily.

To recycle! is an interesting recycling app that shows you all the essential information on the home page and allows you to easily find the clean spots available around you, as well as their opening hours and closing days. It also offers notifications, a calendar and an interesting classification guide with which to know where to dispose of any waste.

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