How to register or create an account on Snapchat

How to register or create an account on Snapchat

register or create an account on Snapchat it is necessary download the application on your smartphone or access its web portal to complete the required fields. You'll then need to enter your phone number or email to confirm the account, and once you've done these steps, you can start using the app to share your photos and videos with your friends.

Snapchat is a platform that has gained great popularity for its short videos, as any content you upload to the platform can disappear depending on the stipulated time. In view of this, here you will see like register or create an account on Snapchat both from your computer and from the application available for Android or iOS. In addition, you will see the procedure for starting to use the social network and activating its notifications.

Steps to follow

The steps you need to take to create an account on Snapchat they are not complicated. They are in fact similar to the procedures that are carried out to enter Instagram or Facebook. You just have to choose a medium you want to sign up with, either through the Snapchat application that means his official website.

From your mobile

This social network has an application available for smartphones for both Android (you can download it via this link) that for iOS (click on this link to get it). It is practical, simple and easy to use. If you want more convenience to create the account, please follow the steps below to sign up for Snapchat from your phone:

Download QR Code Snapchat Developer: Snap Inc. Price: Free

Download QR Code Snapchat Developer: Snap, Inc. Price: Free +
  1. Once the app is downloaded, open it and tap » Sign Up «.
  2. Accept all permissions requests.
  3. Write your name and last name and press on “ Sign up and accept ".
  4. Choose yours date of birth.
  5. Snapchat will automatically give you a username. If you want to change it, press “ Change my username ".
  6. if you do, you must enter an available username within the platform. Once chosen, choose » OK «.
  7. Time add a password and press " Continue «.
  8. Enter yours email or phone number to confirm the account creation.
  9. Enter the verification code which you will receive via SMS.
  10. Find your friends by pressing “ Continue ”. With this you will have finished the process.

from the PC

Snapchat also has an official website where you can manage various aspects of your account such as unlocking, password changes, ad control, updating personal information, among others. You won't be able to use the application from the browser, but you can sign up for Snapchat through its web portal in the following way:

  1. Log into Snapchat through this link.
  2. Enter yours name, last name, Name user e Password.
  3. Time add your phone number and date of birth. Then press » Register and accept «.
  4. Enter the verification code you received by SMS at phone number you entered. It is important to add this step as this method will also work for you in case you ever lose your account and want to get it back. Once the code is written, you need to press » Verifica » and your account will be created.

How to get started using Snapchat

Snapchat works like a social network for upload pictures or short videos with certain filters. Once you log in, your phone's camera will automatically open for you to record videos, take photos, and get started use the app filters. Likewise, you will have the option of upload your story content for 24 hours or to send it directly to any of the contacts you have added to the platform.

How to turn on notifications

Once you have added all your friends, you can start enjoying the benefits that Snapchat offers you. To keep tabs on the content of the people you follow, it's best to start ad turn on notifications both from your phone and in the app. To do this, you just have to go through the steps that will be described in the sections below.

From the app

From the application you can configure which notifications you want to receive. You have the option to enable all notifications or disable them to keep the application silent. Having clarified these points, now you just have to follow these steps to turn on notifications in Snapchat:

  1. Open Snapchat e tap your avatar or bitmoji that is find in the corner at top left screen.
  2. Time press the gear icon (located in the upper right corner) to access » Settings «.
  3. Select » Notifications «.
  4. Press option » Enable notifications » so that all boxes are automatically checked. Once this is done, the process will be terminated.

On Android devices

You can configure the notifications you receive from each of the applications you download to your Android phone. In this way you will not saturate your Smartphone with messages and you will read the ones that interest you. That said, check out the following steps for turn on Snapchat notifications on your Android phone:

  1. Go up " Settings " or " Settings ".
  2. Go up " Applications «.
  3. Near " Snapchat «.
  4. You open " Notifications «.
  5. Choose the option » Show tutti i contenuti delle notifiche " in the section " On the lock screen «.
  6. If you wish, you can also activate the button » Priority » so that notifications are not blocked when you have activated "Do not disturb" mode.

On iOS devices

On iOS phones, the steps for turning notifications on or off vary slightly from the steps explained for Android phones. In view of this, the path you need to go for turn on Snapchat notifications on your iOS device will be left below: » Settings > Notifications > Snapchat > ​​Allow notifications «.

final tips

Like other applications and social networks, it is important that you maintain a good one manage your security and privacy in the account in so that no one accesses your content without your permission. Therefore, in the following list you will find some recommendations and suggestions so that you can have a good Snapchat experience:

  • Enter a frequently used email: you will need to confirm your email, then you will need to add one that you will be able to access as many times as necessary. Likewise, if you add a frequently used email you will have the option to recover your account in case you forget your password.
  • Download the app on your phone: as indicated above, you won't be able to use Snapchat from a mobile browser or via a computer. Therefore, to have a better experience and use all the options it offers, it is best to download the application to your mobile phone.
  • Write your username and password in a safe place: many times you can forget these important login details, therefore, we recommend that you write down your password and username in a safe place whose location is known only to you.
  • Create a strong password: this way you can prevent other people from easily accessing your account.
  • Update your phone number when needed: this is the second option you will have available to recover your account in case you have forgotten your login password.

As you can see, the steps for register or create an account on Snapchat from your phone or computer are easy to do. You must only have an email and phone number so that the application can verify your account. Likewise, if you follow the advice given, you will be able to fully enjoy all the services that Snapchat offers you.

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