How to reject a WhatsApp call with a message

How to reject a WhatsApp call with a message

All of us have ever had a situation where we had one Whatsapp call rejected and it has generated some concern because if we need to know the status of a person and they are not available, it is understandable that it causes us some distress. That is why today in The Power Of The Green Android we will teach you a trick where if you are not available for whatsapp right now at least you can reject the call with a message, in this way we will be calm that the other person knows that at this moment we are not good to pick up the phone.

What does a missed call on WhatsApp mean?

It simply means that whatsapp call is not available either because the other person didn't see the incoming call, didn't have time to pick up the hook, or just didn't want to pick up the phone.

Luckily for this kind of situation there is a trick to being able to hang up a WhatsApp call and reply with an automatic message this way we will reassure the other person so that they know that now we cannot assist them at this time.

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How to reply with a WhatsApp if not available right now 2022 call

reject a WhatsApp call with a message, the first thing we have to do is click on the incoming call notification.

Once inside the call screen we will see 3 icons:

  • Hang up.
  • Hook up.
  • Hang up WhatsApp call with SMS.

Of the 3 options we choose the third by scrolling the icon upwards.

How to reject a WhatsApp call with an easy and fast SMS 2022

We will now have several message options to automatically answer the call:

  1. I can not talk now. What's wrong? I'll call you as soon as I can, I'll call you later, I can't answer right now. Call me later?
  2. Personalized messages.

We can hang up WhatsApp call with different pre-programmed messages or even reply with a personalized message.

The call will be closed automatically with:

  1. The message sent by the sender.
  2. Message received by recipient.

And this would be one way to answer a WhatsApp call in case of unavailability. If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and I will try to respond as soon as possible. Don't forget that you can share this article with your social networks.. Thank you so much for your support!.

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