How to remove a like on tinder

How to remove a like on tinder

Giving a Like on Tinder by mistake is one of the fatalities that occur when swiping profiles on a large majority of users of this dating application and of course, there are not a few users who unsuccessfully search for a way to cancel the Mis like that they gave by mistake. For this reason, we want to present in Practical the following article, titled: how to remove a like on tinder which -in the first instance- aims to clear up this problem of being able to remove a like on Tinder and after that, some that another viable solution to this mess that usually happens to many Tinder users.

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Undo a Like on Tinder [CLARIFICATION]

In the first instance and to save time, it should be noted that there is no option to cancel a like on Tinder if you use Tinder free or if you use Tinder Gold or Plus.

Now, however, there are commendable and interesting solutions that can console you when you have this involuntary error on Tinder that can annoy you and, above all, when the person who gave you the like by mistake is not of your interest at all.

How to Remove a Like on Tinder | OPTION #1: Ignore Likes

A first option for this mess is basically to ignore the similar that has been given. That is, don't worry about this unfortunate mistake and in case the user likes their profile and becomes a match, completely ignore them even if the other person sends them a message.

Of course, this option can be difficult for the other person. However, there are quite a few users who ignore and ignore the match or matches they have had on TInder and, most likely, the other person understands that there is no interest on their part.

How to Remove a Like on Tinder | OPTION #2: Goodbye and good day

Another good option and which may be a little better to do, is based on simply ignoring this error and if over time there is a match with that user, you should abruptly delete the match on Tinder even if that person has sent them a message. Message.

Undoubtedly this option allows you to remove a like on Tinder when it has already become a Match and it is advisable to do it when that user ignores each other and insists with new messages, even if it is a bit harsh. It won't bother you anymore and everything will be at zero.

How to Remove a Like on Tinder | OPTION #3: clean slate

A last option, and no less important for it, lies absolutely and radically in making a real clean slate on Tinder. In other words, they have the option to delete their Tinder account, and after doing so, create a new Tinder account to start over and then remove a similar Tinder.

It is true that this option is too drastic to do and along with it all the matches that have been obtained, messages and conversations as well as all the likes that have given and those that have been given are lost and for these reasons , must be very well thought out in the implementation of this option.

However, it is a good option when they have just started using Tinder and they don't have a match or they have people they are not really interested in or in other cases, when someone they know (friend, ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend) and they don't want to have any kind of connection or being picked up on Tinder.

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