How To Remove Or Disable Google Feed On Huawei - Step By Step

Google feed function on Huawei devices

Google Feed has the same functionality as Google Now, Google's virtual assistant. With this feed update, Google allows you to follow topics or people of interest for application users. Through artificial intelligence, the application collects information from other applications and determines the interests of the person.

The Google feed will also be based on your search history on Internet. For example, if your internet search history is related to movies or cinema, it will show you movie listings for the week.

Also, the Google feed will help you fight fake news. So how can fake news published on the internet be identified? It is not necessary because the Google feed will do it for you by highlighting various news sources. All so that you can see the veracity of the news, according to the information provided.

How To Remove Or Disable Google Feed On Huawei - Step By Step

Huawei phone users have the advantage of taking advantage of EMUI; Do you know what Huawei's EMUI is? It is an Android customization layer created by the Chinese company. This level of customization powers the operating system of the device; Thanks to EMUI, the users can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Contains additional functions compared to the previous version of Android.
  • With Machine Learning, your phone will work like it did on the first day.
  • The battery is optimized to last longer.
  • The photos that are taken with the phone will have artificial intelligence.
  • It will give the phone a more aesthetic look.

With EMUI on Huawei phones, the Google feed is integrated with the personalization layer of Android. This version of the Google feed is shown on the left side of the Desktop, but if we don't use it, how can we disable it?

Step by step to deactivate the feed

While we can see that there are benefits to having the Google feed activated on our Huawei, we can also decide to remove or deactivate it from our phone.

How To Remove Or Disable Google Feed On Huawei - Step By Step

To disable the Google feed on our Huawei phone we just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. On our phone, on the main screen we can press with our finger in an area where there is empty space. Another option we have is to do the pinch gesture with two fingers.
  2. On the bottom screen of our mobile, we can see that the Adjustment option will appear.
  3. When this option appears, we will proceed to select this option.
  4. When we have selected Adjustment, a list of options will open.
  5. In the list of options, at the end we can see that Google Feed appears and that it is in blue. This means that it is activated.
  6. To turn it off, we will only touch with your finger and it will change color to gray which means we have already turned it off.

Disabling or removing the Google feed you can free up a few megabytes of RAM. This is an advantage that can be exploited by other applications; so our phone will be a little lighter. Also, if we want to free up space, we can clear the cache memory of the Huawei mobile phone.

As you have seen, it is very easy disable or remove the Google feed. We are always happy to be able to resolve your concerns and concerns, so you can keep visiting our page to see what other ways we can help you.

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