How to Remove or Disable Recommended YouTube Videos - Quick and Easy

This has been presented in various ways on different websites and platforms on the internet. Some are paid and some are not, but if we can all agree on anything, it is that YouTube was the forerunner of much of this content.

It is one of the most used pages in the world, and it is the site where all its artists upload their new music videos, trending videos, are given news, there are famous people and much more. It really is a large platform filled with all kinds of content that can be consumed and shared.

And it can be adapted to anyone. This is very much due to its recommended content system, which has given different people the opportunity to find all kinds of entertainment. And there are also many users who make money through the entertainment offered on this platform.

These recommended videos find the user through a series of complex algorithms, which allow the user to watch videos that may be of interest to him. This includes, but is not limited to, new music you can listen to or YouTube that talk about a specific topic that might interest you.

But what happens when you want to control a little more of this content being shown to you? See below everything you need to know about it.

How to Remove or Disable Recommended YouTube Videos - Quick and Easy

Check a little what is shown to you in recommended

By entering the home page of YouTube, we will be greeted by a series of videos recommended for us. Many might find this a little annoying, but it's totally impossible to completely disable the recommended video system.

What you can do is check a little bit about what can be shown to you on the platform. Much of this begins in the chronology of reproduction, so you can manage it so you don't see certain content you don't want to see.

Since much of YouTube's algorithm for recommended videos starts with playing history, you can handle it the same way so that recommended videos are different.

All you have to do is go to the Play History page that you have on the left side in the options bar of your YouTube page. Remember that you can access it in the app mobile devices via the last option in the lower right corner.

By entering your watch history, you can do a little bit of everything. You can delete videos from your timeline by selecting the X next to each video. The Pause History option will also appear next to you, which you can use to prevent videos from being saved to the chronology until you see fit.

You can also delete the history for the same effect. Also remember that you can do the same with YouTube searches in the search bar, as they work the same for your recommended videos.

How to Remove or Disable Recommended YouTube Videos - Quick and Easy

Removing recommended videos

In case you want to remove a particular video from the recommended ones, you can click the More button, which are three dots positioned vertically next to the video title. Here you will see the option » I'm not interested «.

You can use it to permanently remove the video from your recommended videos, but in case you want to completely remove the content of a channel, you can select » do not recommend this channel to me «.

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