How to remove or disable YouTube ads

How to remove or disable YouTube ads

remove or disable YouTube ads you must only install an AdBlock extension in your browser you are using. Likewise, if you have a video published on your YouTube channel and you want to remove the established ads, you just have to log in to your account and deactivate the corresponding monetization. On the other hand, you can too buy YouTube Premium because you will have a free trial month to watch videos without any type of advertising.

YouTube is one of the favorite platforms to watch all kinds of audiovisual content, be it educational, entertainment, entertaining, among others. However, all videos have advertisements which often hinder its development, causing annoyance among users. Therefore, in this article you will see all available methods for remove YouTube ads from both your computer and your Smartphone.

From the computer

YouTube is often used on computers, whether it's for playing music, watching a new video, or watching a documentary. Therefore, in the following sections you will see the tools available to you for disable YouTube ads from your computer.

Use of AdBlock extensions

Se usages browser come Google Chrome o Firefox, we recommend using some of these extensions:

  • Adblock per YouTube™: it is an extension available for other browsers as well. Filter content e block all ads on youtube, so you can watch the entire video without any interruptions. If you want to download it for your Chrome browser, click this link. If you're using Firefox, use this link.
  • Adblock Plus: in addition to blocking ads on YouTube, it also eliminates advertising on any web portal. It can be installed on various browsers such as Firefox (use this download link) and Chrome (click this link to download Adblock Plus).
  • Enhár per YouTube: this is an extension that is also available for both browsers. Its main attraction is that you allows you to perform other functions such as playback speed control, the volume level with the mouse, the configuration of keyboard shortcuts, among others. If you want to add it to Chrome, use this link. If you have Firefox, this is the link to use.

Note: browser come Opera and Brave have a native ad blocker that works for any web page. Therefore, downloading one of these two browsers is also a good option to disable ads while watching YouTube videos.

Purchasing YouTube Premium

It's not a free option, but you can enjoy 30 days free in which you will not have any kind of advertising in the different videos you see on the platform. With the Premium account you will have both YouTube and YouTube Music, you will be able to listen or watch the videos you prefer without an Internet connection and in the background.

You can cancel whenever you want and you will receive a notification 7 days before the end of the trial period. It has various floors that start at $ 7,19 per month. If you are interested in this service, just click on this link.

Remove ads from your videos

If you have uploaded more videos to your YouTube channel, but want to remove ads from a specific video, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Log in to YouTube using this link and access to your account.
  2. Click on your profile icon and choose » YouTube  Studio «.
  3. Go to the left side of the screen and select " Content ".
  4. Select the video you want to disable ads for, go back to the left menu and choose “ Monetization ".
  5. In the box " Monetization » at the top, choose » Deactivate > Apply «.
  6. To finish, go to the top right corner and press » Save «.

from the phone

If you have an Android or iOS device, you have several applications to disable or block YouTube ads. In the following sections you will see the best applications for each Operating System.

for Android

Scaricamento QR Code Browser FAB Adblocker: Adblock Sviluppatore: Adblock – Rocketshield Browser Technology Limited Prezzo: gratuito

Adblocker Browser is one of the best free apps available on the Google Play Store. All you have to do is download the app and open it for it to start working on your device. If you want to download Adblocker Browser you just have to press this link. Once it starts running on your computer, you will notice that no ads will appear while playing YouTube videos.

Likewise, you have other applications in the Google Play Store that will also work for block all types of ads broadcast on YouTube. Some of these are Skip Ads, Vanced Kit, AdShield, among others. You don't have it left than enter the Google Store and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Download QR Code Skip Ads Developer: PlusTwo Price: Free

Register Advanced QR Code Kit to Block All VideoTube Ads Developer: Vance Official Kit Price: To Be Announced Download QR Code Ad Blocker For Browser Developer: AdBlock Block All Ads Price: Free

for iOS

YouTube++ is an app that is not found in the official iOS storeHowever, it is completely safe and you can download it without any inconvenience. With this application you will be able to have new functions such as the ad blocker, background play or video download. It should be noted that it does not affect the phone's operating system, so you can safely install it using this link.

The procedure for removing or disabling YouTube ads is not complicated. You should only choose the method that seems most comfortable to you based on the tools or browsers you use. So you will enjoy full and uninterrupted playback of any video you search on the platform.

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