How to remove or remove ads from YouTube videos?

YouTube is the largest video platform on the web. Since its foundation, at the hands of former PayPal employees, it has been known how important it could become, this was reflected in the purchase of this website by Google just a year after its foundation, paying the juicy sum of 1.600 million. dollars.

The implementation of advertising

One of the tools that led this platform to generate around $ 15 million a year was advertising. These were implemented in 2007, generally including a video with a duration between 15 and 30 seconds.

This has evolved over the years, to the point that, starting from 2010 and based on the number of subscribers a channel could have or the number of views of a video, those who uploaded audiovisual content on this platform could choose a certain number of ads in the reproduction of its content.

YouTube Premium without ads

The platform would deepen the quality of its services, which is why «Music Key», founded in 2014, would be renamed YouTube Red in 2015.

How to remove or remove ads from YouTube videos?

It is a Premium platform that offers, among other things, the use of videos on the YouTube platform without advertisingas well as accessing without connecting to a network and playing videos in the background. Later it would be called YouTube Premium.

Alternatives to avoid YouTube ads

The broadcast of advertising in the videos of the YouTube platform is something that usually annoys when you watch a super interesting video and it comes interrupted by one of these banners.

Fortunately, the web always has an ace up its sleeve. That is why here you will explore a number of solutions to remove or remove ads from YouTube videos.

By means of codes

It is certainly one of the lesser known alternatives, due to the existence of extensions in browsers and mobile applications. But it's still an interesting option to try.

At this point, access the YouTube page from your computer through your favorite browser, in which you will be using the developer console. To do this, press the keys:

  • Ctrl + Maiusc + J per Google Chrome.
  • Ctrl + Shift + K for Firefox
  • You can use the same code for Firefox or F12 for Internet Explorer.

The next thing will be to insert the code that will allow you to delete the ads that may appear before, during or at the end of the video you so much want to see:

«VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE = oKckVSqvaGw; percorso = /; dominio «; window.location.reload ();

By pressing the Enter key, all ads should be suppressed, so you can enjoy your favorite videos without interruption. To reverse this situation, you just have to follow the same procedure, but by copying the following code to the console:

«VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE =; percorso = /; dominio «; window.location.reload ();

Browser Extensions

Another much better known and equally useful alternative is the use of extensions depending on the browser used. Some of the most recommended are:

  • Adblock Plus is one of the most famous extensions in the world of browsers to cancel advertising on any web page.
  • AdBlocker by YouTube it's also a great alternative for removing unwanted ads that may appear at the best moment of the video.
  • Make For YouTube is a special tool for Firefox browsers which also contributes to this purpose.

All these extensions are free and you will find many more by exploring your browser app or extension store.

Smartphone applications

How to remove or remove ads from YouTube videos?

If you're not using a computer, but still want to get rid of YouTube advertising, don't despair! Adblock, Adaway, AutoSkip and Adfree are some of the applications that you can use on your android or ios to block ads in videos.

No more interruptions!

Now is the time to try these interesting alternatives on your computer or smartphone for enjoy your favorite videos without interruption. Enhance the experience and admire your favorite audiovisual contents, forgetting the discontinuity of multimedia contents.

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