How to remove or uninstall multiple programs at the same time in Windows?

The new updates that Windows has implemented in its operating system is to uninstall the programs at the same time, something that many have been waiting for for a long time as it does the job of having to get rid of the programs quickly and without that much waiting time in an amazing way.

It's no secret that Microsoft has been tasked with making life easier for its users with all the tools Windows offers, however, with this new update, it undoubtedly satisfies most of the complaints users have made in recent years. is that Windows had been slow to implement.

Why is Windows so widely used today?

Windows is the operating system most used by thousands of users around the world and, while it is true that it is one of the fastest, it is the one that has the most tools that make it much easier to use these technologies. Installing Windows is extremely simple, and today anyone with basic knowledge can do it.

One of the most important aspects of this company is that it always focuses on the needs of its users, which is why all criticisms, suggestions and even opinions are taken into consideration when performing its updates. This is the case of the new Windows 10, which unlike the others, allows you to remove or uninstall programs simultaneously and easily. 

How to remove or uninstall multiple programs at the same time in Windows?

It could be said that Microsoft is one of the most advanced software companies and that it undoubtedly promises to improve every day. It should be noted that in its new update, not only will it be possible to delete multiple programs at once, but it also has custom folders, more cloud storage and technical support in the Microsoft store.

Find out how to uninstall programs at the same time in the new Windows update

To begin with, it must be said that for get the new windows update, it must be done through its official website to avoid errors in the installation and, of course, in the operation of Windows itself. Now, to uninstall programs at the same time in Windows, you just need to follow the following steps to avoid unnecessary uninstalls or, failing that, program errors.

Access the toolbox

The first clear step is to access the where panel you can view any unnecessary programs that your computer might have. For this you just have to go to the Windows icon, click on the control panel and finally select the programs tab where you can see one by one all the programs that your computer has.

This step is extremely important especially when you want to get rid of different programs but still don't know which one, this is because many times the operating system comes with unnecessary application downloads that you don't know and that you can clearly see only if access the program list.

How to remove or uninstall multiple programs at the same time in Windows?

Uninstall programs at the same time

If it is true that often it is not necessary to delete a program but simply can prevent programs from running when Windows starts, it is also necessary to understand that many of these programs do not satisfy any usefulness on the computer, so it is almost always advisable to uninstall them.

For this reason, Microsoft has implemented this measure where you can not only continue deleting programs but you can also uninstall more than one program at the same time! Make it much easier to get rid of junk programs that clearly do not contribute in any way to the proper functioning of a computer. 

To perform this action you just have to click on the uninstaller and, while one is uninstalling, you can click another to repeat the process and so on.

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