How to remove the Message button on Facebook

How to remove the Message button on Facebook

The following article, titled: how to remove message button on facebook, aims to offer interested parties a great trick that consists in removing or removing the Message button from your Facebook profile when it no longer seems sufficient to him, the measure of filtering the messages that appear in the inbox of your Facebook messaging and therefore -in a radical and stubborn way-, you can completely avoid messages from strangers on Facebook as well as all those people you don't know you want to have any kind of bond with.

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How to Remove Message Button on Facebook | Step 1: Log into Facebook and go to About

First they must access Facebook and log in as they always do and with this they will appear in the Timeline of their Facebook account and then they will now go to their Facebook profile by clicking on their name that appears in the top bar (if they are on a PC).

Once they are on their Facebook profile, they will click on the option that says: «Information» that appears in the bar below the cover photo.

How to Remove Message Button on Facebook | Step 2: Edit your profile information

The previous click will load your Facebook account information section, a little further down, so here you will see that your date of birth appears on the right hand side and when you hover your cursor over it, the link text appears that says: "Edit basic and contact information» which you have to click or, if you prefer, you can click on the option that says: «Basic and contact information» and appearing on the left side.

Now, you'll scroll down this page of your Facebook account information a bit and stop at the section that says in block letters: «Basic information» and then here, put the mouse cursor on the entry that says: «Year of birth» and with it appears the option that says: «Modification«, on which you have to click.

So now they simply should change the year they appear to have been born to one who is 13 years old… Yes, and as they read it, they subtract 13 years from the year they're currently in and to do so they'll click on the birth year that pops up so they'll see a menu and they'll be able to select the year that would give them the age of 13 years old and after doing this, they will mark or cross out the box that precedes the text that says: I confirm that I am 13 years old and finally, they click the blue button that says: «Save Changes«.

Note No. 1: In this way the social network Facebook will automatically remove or remove the Facebook Message button to protect them due to their age and this is the trick or the idea, to get more privacy and therefore, they can solve the module How to remove the button Message on Facebook.

How to Remove Message Button on Facebook | Step 3: Check for button removal

Once you have performed the above procedure, your new date of birth will appear in the information section of your Facebook account and now it's time to verify that you have been able to effectively remove or remove the Facebook Message Button and for that, you will go to your profile by clicking on your name that appears in the top bar.

With the above, they will get to their Facebook profile cover and then here, they will click on the button that says: «View as» which is displayed next to an eye icon next to the other cover photo buttons.

The cover of your Facebook account will be loaded again and here you will be able to appreciate that a small information window appears where it indicates that in this way you will be able to see how the public or another contact you have sees your profile and you will simply give them a Click on the blue button that says: "Accept«.

Voila, if things went well… You will appreciate that the « button does not appear on your Facebook profile.Message «, making sure that no one other than your contacts can communicate with you, that's all. Finally, and to exit this public view of your Facebook account, you must click on the » X» appearing in the black bar at the top and your profile will re-load and you will see it as you should see it.

Note No. 2: in the event that they want to restore their previous age or change it, they must wait at least 7 days from the date on which they changed it and it is instead a transitional measure since over time it will be years and the restriction will disappear and if they want to keep it, they will have to change it again new.

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