How to report a profile on Badoo

How to report a profile on Badoo

In fact, in the course of life we ​​meet or come across people who, in one way or another, can give us some annoyance, annoy us or in the end make us pass, some anger without any or apparent justification and this, unfortunately, also happens in networks. social as it is, on Badoo.

Many of the people who use Badoo do it, without a doubt, to meet new people and expand their circles of friends as well as to have fun, socialize and look for a partner online. However, there are some cases of users who have a bad attitude, play very dirty, and can in some way irritate and harass with their lies and behavior, among other things.

Fortunately, Badoo offers a very interesting and practical resource in the face of this type of cases and situations that one can experience when relating and interacting on this social network, namely: block or report a user on Badoo and that's just what will be explained then by breaking it down and explaining it in full.

Reporting on Badoo | Initial remarks

The first thing that needs to be clarified is that in order to proceed with a report or block on Badoo, you must have categorical or sufficient evidence that you want to refer Badoo support.

That is why you should avoid using this service for dubious situations, » that seem like they could be «, misinterpretations as well as for little things where indifference or non-interaction is enough to solve it and finally note that it should not be used to play dirty, hurt or annoy someone because of some grievance or a certain rejection that has allegedly been suffered.

In general, most inconveniences or confusions are resolved with simple indifference, avoiding interactions or, when faced with small things, ignoring them and not being so serious with something that might be rather irrelevant.

Report a profile on Badoo | What do you get?

A very interesting question that complaining users can ask about Badoo is of course, what do you get with this? Or, what will happen with the complaint? .

Well, the complaint filed by a user will first reach the Badoo support team who will analyze it and see the merit of said complaint and then take the action that it deems corresponding to the respective case and in general will act in a short time and it should be noted that Badoo takes complaints and blockages very seriously and deals with them on a case-by-case basis.

  • If the fact is something relatively minor, that person will be reprimanded and made aware of that incident, moderating their user profile and warning them that if they continue with that procedure, attitude or whatever, their account will be deleted without contemplation and for In general, the majority declare that they have received this "yellow card" and radically change their attitude.
  • In the event that the event is more serious, that user's account on Badoo will be permanently deleted, blocking his mobile number, email or Internet connection, thus preventing him from returning again and without a doubt , claiming to have broken the rules of the community. by Badoo and that's why we proceeded in this way.
  • Against the tide, if Badoo's assistance does not consider that the complaint issued has a necessary value or, if there are no clear conditions for issuing a sanction, it will be absolutely useless and that is why you must ask to have some sanity mental to denounce someone. someone and does not take it into the game by accusing left and right.

Now, if the case justifies a block or a complaint on Badoo, there are 2 ways or ways to issue it and it corresponds to the context or situation, namely:

  • Report any user: this option or rather method allows you to report any user who deserves a penalty by Badoo.
  • Report a user you've talked to: this, another option, allows you to make a report from the chat box and only, it can be done with the person or people you spoke with and therefore you avoid entering the user's profile. said person and proceed with the complaint these are the differences.

Having said and clarified these previous points, we will explain to you the steps that must be taken to block or report a user profile on Badoo with these 2 methods. I hope all this information is useful and practical.

Report any user on Badoo | Method No. 1

To report a person on Badoo, you would logically enter or visit that person's user profile and then click on the circle with ellipsis icon.

With that click, a small window will appear with 2 options and you will have to click again on the one that says » Block or report «.

Well, a central window will pop up asking you what happens to that user? and then, you must cross out or mark one of the circles that precedes the options shown and which you consider most suitable or represent your complaint or complaint and which are the following: I just don't like it / It's rude and disrespectful / He posted inappropriate content / use fake photo / He committed a scam / Other.

Finally, when you have selected the most appropriate option for your claim, you will have to click on the » Block and report «.

In this way, your complaint will be processed and will reach the Badoo support team who will evaluate the case to determine if it justifies the moderation or deletion of that user's account on Badoo. This is one of the procedures for reporting or blocking a user on Badoo and can be done in all cases.

Report a user you chatted with on Badoo | Method No. 2

In this other case, you can file a complaint or block Badoo from the chat or window and without having to enter the profile of said user to carry out this procedure and only, surely it can be done, with those users with whom you have chatted on Badoo.

Well, you will have to open the chat or conversations window by clicking on the option » Messages » on the left (if you are on a desktop computer).

So, you will have to open the conversation thread that was had with that user you want to report and not someone else and this is important because if you make a mistake you can report an innocent user lol.

Once the conversation thread with that Badoo user has been opened, you will have to click on the circle icon that encloses three ellipses and then a tab will appear with some options and precisely, another click will be made on the option » Block or report. "

A central window will appear, where they ask you, what happens to that user?  You need to see here that the subject or user name matches the one that will be reported or blocked and if that is correct then the option that best fits the complaint shown should be ticked and that is: I just don't like it / It's rude and disrespectful / He posted inappropriate content / use fake photo / He committed a scam / Other.

Finally, click on the button that says » Block and report » and this way this lawsuit will be processed by reaching the Badoo team, they will evaluate it and if applicable, that user will be reprimanded with a moderation or, your account will be deleted and this would be the other way to proceed to report a user from the chat and without having to enter his profile.

These are the 2 ways that can be done in a clear situation that has a basis and is possible, communicate to the Badoo team so that they take the respective appropriate measures. However, and silly as it may seem, I deliver once again that this resource is used with judgment and responsibility and not, in the face of a misunderstanding, something small that is not important or, out of simple malice or desire to do harm.

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