How to Respond to Twitter Polls on Android in 30 SECONDS

How to Respond to Twitter Polls on Android in 30 SECONDS

Twitter it's a very, very powerful social network basically because it stands by its simplicity. And it's a medium where we can do a lot of good or bad depending on how you look at it thanks to its 280-character messages. This social network is always a source of controversy since, as we have said, it can serve noble and just causes or be the target of the hatred of others, however it is a very useful tool to make yourself known to others since us allows you to have immediate information in a short time, all in a fast and light way. Despite having few tools, one widely used by all is the polls. Thanks to them we canknow the opinion on a topic of our audience.  This has brutal value in the marketing world as it allows us to have an "x-ray" of what our followers think. Therefore, today we will see how to make twitter polls on android in seconds.

What is Twitter Poll?

As we said before, a Twitter poll just try to know the opinion of your followers on a specific topic. It is possible that  if you are a YouTuber  you want to know what kind of videos your followers like the most. So if you know how to use twitter polls,  can be of great value to your YouTube channel.

Therefore, if you have a certain social impact, it is imperative that you know how to do polls on twitter.

How to do Twitter polls on Android 2022

Before I start I have to point out that this tutorial is valid for both Android and IOS as the interface is pretty much the same.

Steps to poll on Twitter

This goes without saying, but the first thing you need to do is download the Twitter application. I sincerely recommend Twitter lite for Android as it is the lightweight Twitter messaging client.

Presumably you have a Twitter account so I skip this step and go directly to the question that interests us, namely how to take surveys.

Once inside our account we must go to top left where our profile icon is and click there.

Press our profile icon.

Once inside, a menu with several options will appear, the one we are interested in clicking on is in the profile. For example, let's take a photo.

Press in the profile menu.

Now we will be inside our profile where they will be provided to us information about our activity in this social network. What interests us is the «pen» icon at the bottom right, click "there".

Usa l’icona Tweet.

From this menu we can make any "Tweet" but what interests us is to know how to use twitter polls on android. For this, below we have more tools, one of them presents graphs… we are already close, courage! We have to select charts.

Select charts for i Twitter polls.

Now we will have a screen like the one in the photo. We have enumerated the steps to simplify polls on twitter.

  1. Tweet the survey.
  2. Add a new question to the survey (2 by default).
  3. Duration of the day.

Once we have ours set of questions ready for survey, we just have to click on «Tweet». Easier impossible right?.

Choose your poll

Now that you know how it works and how to improve it, we will look at a series of questions related to the topic.

Does voter appear in Twitter polls?

They are not anonymous, only the percentage of the vote appears.

Twitter survey questions

Ufff here the limit is the imagination but for a good interaction it is always good to take advantage of an event... whether it is festive or sporting. For example, a good set of questions might look like this:

Who do you think will win the Barcelona or Real Madrid game?

If you plan to attend a sporting event, you certainly can take advantage of it to participate in surveys… there is definitely a lot of interaction!

The question of the week

You can respond to surveys of "question of the week" , of I usually am polls on Twitter very funny and engaging.

Reflection Monday

Monday leaves no one indifferent… this can be featured in a survey.

31th December

This is one date later than indicated in the calendar, you can place a poll based on the things you wish you could do this year that you haven't done. And undoubtedly the 31 December it's a great date.

Well, I hope now that you know  how to do polls on twitter you will leave me a comment below, remember to do so if you have any questions or just to say hello. Don't forget to share this tutorial with your social networks, thanks for your time.

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