How to revert to the previous version of the old YouTube layout

Ma what is YouTube? In practice, today it has become a complete social network where you can have your own channel, share content in video format, you can also add stories, leave comments on the videos of your friends or strangers, follow channels and a few more very interesting things.

In short, over time it has become a quite complete social network in every sense that it allows us to create our own channel and also make money with it, as long as you have a fair number of views.

How to revert to the previous version of the old YouTube layout

How to go back to the previous version of YouTube

But YouTube wasn't born as we know it today. It has been improving over the years and not just in terms of user possibilities and options. If not also in terms of design and it is quite common for some designs to become somewhat outdated over time.

New technologies for both adding functions and for improve loading speed, among other things. It forces you to change your design and move on. The problem is that many people don't like the idea of ​​having to adapt to a completely different new design.

What we can do to go back to the old youtube layout? In reality, there is nothing we can do. Google removed the option to go back to the old design we liked so much. As soon as the design change was made, there was still the option to use the old YouTube design. However, this is no longer possible today.

You have the option to go back to previous versions or go back to the classic version.

How to revert to the previous version of the old YouTube layout

Go back to the old version of YouTube

It's a shame not being able to go back to the old version that we like so much on YouTube and above all the things we are so used to and it is quite practical for us. Especially as a matter of privacy.

But the only option we really have is to get used to using the platform's current design and try to make the most of it. Many alternatives really don't stay.

The problem most people have in trying to go back to the old version of YouTube it's mostly not finding options like they did before. This is something normal that happens because when designs are changed on many occasions some options and sections end up in completely different places.

The problem here is having a little patience to adapt as best as possible to the new platform design that has come to stay and taking into account that there is no chance that the previous design will return. Then we have no choice but to adapt properly.

We hope you have no doubts about how to revert to the previous version of the old youtube design. We know that the answer we have given you is not exactly what you expected. However, you can not help but simply adapt and above all get used to this new design.

Remember that if you still have any kind of doubt or want to ask anything related to YouTube. We upload tutorials and tricks every day on Miracomosehace, you can also leave a comment a little further down in the comment box and we will be happy to help you as much as possible.

Whichever version you use, you may run into common errors when using YouTube, but don't worry, they are easy to fix.

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