How to save battery on your phone when using WhatsApp Web

How to save battery on your phone when using WhatsApp Web

Until recently, the function that everyone was waiting for, the multi-device function, did not arrive on WhatsApp, and it will be this that will help us Save battery on your phone when using WhatsApp Web or the desktop version of the app, then Ti we will show how activate the function and thus make the battery of your mobile phone last a little longer.

The day of the arrival of WhatsApp Web was excellent news for those who work with a computer or spend many hours in front of it, as it's one of the ways to stay in touch and talk to your contacts without having to use your cell phone., but the main problem is that WhatsApp Web depends on the connection with the mobile and this also causes the battery of the mobile.

So with the multi-device function we can synchronize WhatsApp Web with the computer and we don't have to depend on the mobile at any time, it will also be the way we will have to save battery on our mobile.

Save battery on your mobile using WhatsApp Web

Next, we'll show you how we can connect our mobile with the multi-device function of WhatsApp Web and thus be able to save battery, since we will not have to depend on the mobile while using the messaging app, you will only have to follow these steps:

  1. The first step will be to open WhatsApp Web in your favorite browser from the following link.

Web: WhatsApp Web

  1. The WhatsApp Web main screen will appear, showing a QR code which we will scan later.
  2. Now let's open WhatsApp and click on the 3 dots which we have at the top right.

  1. Then we will click on «Connected devices».

  1. If you realize, it is the same method that we use to access WhatsApp Web, but in this case we will have some another under the «Connect a device» button which will be the one we will have to press to activate WhatsApp multi-device option.

  1. Now click on «Join the beta version» and then we will have this function.

  1. Let's go back and now click on "Connect a device" and scan the QR code that appeared when opening WhatsApp Web.

After having scanned the QR code we will already have our WhatsApp account connected to WhatsApp Web so that we will not have to depend on the mobile at any other time, since they will work as independent devices. Remember that you can have a maximum of 4 devices connected in multi-device mode.

This is how it exists to be able to save battery on mobile phone while using WhatsApp Web, because it is thanks to the function still in beta, WhatsApp multi-device and therefore being able to log out of our mobile more often.

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