We have already seen in his time how Instagram without too much effort became a place among the large social networks that prevailed at that time. That is why it surprises me today that there could still be a "space" for another, but nevertheless it happened. And it is that Tik Tok has arrived very strong ei its downloads are already counted by millions, being present in the vast majority of users' smartphones. The problem with this social network is that consumes a huge amount of mobile data since all its content is based on watching short videos but believe me when I tell you that the moment you see the first one… you won't be able to stop! For this reason, many users have asked us to enterThe Green Android as save data in Tik Tok because today we will see how it is made easy and fast.

How to spend less Mega in Tik Tok fast and easy 2022

save megabytes in Tik Tok, the first thing we have to do is the following:

  1. We access the tab of our profile named "The".
  2. We will enter the upper right where the i 3 vertical points.

How to Enable Data Saving in Tik Tok 2022

In this section we will see a multitude of options, however for spend fewer megabytes in our mobile rate when we use Tik Tok we'll have to insert where it says «Data saver».

How To Consume Less Mobile Fees When Using Tik Tok 2022

In this section we will only have to enable the tab that says «Data saver», in this way Tik Tok will spend less megabytes when viewing videos as they tell us below:

Saving your data helps you reduce your mobile data usage. Videos may be lower resolution or take longer to load. This won't affect you if you use Wi-Fi.

And this would be the simple procedure for save data in Tik Tok 2022, as you have seen, the procedure is quick and easy. If you have any questions you can always leave a comment, I will try to answer them. Don't forget to support me on your social networks, I leave you the buttons to easily share this content. A thousand thanks!

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