How to save instagram videos to my pc

How to save instagram videos to my pc

Many times while browsing the Internet we find really interesting and attractive things that we somehow want to have or store on our computers or mobiles to review them later and without having to look for them there… Unfortunately, however, on some occasions this action cannot be done or, people don't know the way or the trick to download or save said material, definitely going out, distressed and wanting to do so.

Well, on Instagram this kind of situation often happens as there are many users and even people without an account who would like to somehow download that or those videos from Instagram users that have caught their attention and want to whether or not, have it to view whenever they want and it is comparable to what happens with Facebook where many people want to know the trick to save videos of that social network. Well, luckily there are of the options to download videos from Instagram and just one of these options is the one I present below for all those people who clearly want download videos from Instagram and without using programs.

Save Instagram Videos to PC | Step 1

Logically, the first step is to log in or enter the Instagram account where the video or videos you are interested in having are located and you must then locate them among all the publications (photos, videos or GIFs) that that user has in their Instagram account.

Once you have located one of the videos you want to save on your computer or mobile phone, you will have to click on a video of your interest so that it appears on the screen and subsequently the URL of that video will be copied (that is, the URL is selected and then Ctrl + c).

Save Instagram Videos to PC | Step 2

Now, and instead, you have to open a new tab in the browser you use (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, others) and access the site and to do so just do a simple search on Google or well, you can access it directly by typing the url in the address bar of the browser i.e.

Save Instagram Videos to PC | Step 3

In Savedeo you will be able to see, in the central part, a box where you must correctly and completely paste the url of that video that you opened in step 1 and then you must click on the button at the bottom which says » Download «.

Save Instagram Videos to PC | Step 4

With the previous action, a new page will open where the description of the video appears on one side and on the other (on the right, if you are on a desktop computer), the resolution, format and red color are detailed, the link for the download and the weight of the file. Then, a single click on «Download «.

Save Instagram Videos to PC | Step #5

With the previous step, a new browser page will open where you will only be able to see the video in question and you will have to click on Pause and then click on the right mouse button (if you are on a desktop computer). desktop) to the video and with it, a window will pop up with several options and what it says Save video as… will be selected with one click.

Then, the classic window for saving files will open (if they are on a computer or desktop) where you can logically locate the video to save, add a name to it and finally click on the «Save ».

By following these steps, you will be able to save Instagram videos and play them, you just have to go to the place or folder where you downloaded them and open it to see it and then you don't have to search for it and have a connection in between.

Note no. 1 | In general, these types of Instagram video saving services are used for personal use only. However, to post those videos you may have copyright drawbacks and that's why you should always check the type of license and, if allowed, correctly refer to the author of this or these videos (give credits).

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