How to Securely Format a Mac OS Computer - Quick and Easy

What does formatting a computer involve?

First, it is important that you know that formatting involves deleting all the files you have on your pc, which you can sometimes recover with the help of other tools; thus leaving it as a new factory equipment, for this it is important that you are sure you want to format and take your predictions, such as backing up documents and programs, you can also use hard drives and removable memories; so that you don't lose important documents, photos, videos, etc.

In the case of the programs you have previously installed on your Mac, when you format your pc you have to download them again; although there are also various methods for recovering programs or files; You can check out some tutorials for this on our website.

Steps to format a Mac OS computer

To start formatting your Mac, we suggest the following steps:

Removing the authorization of iTunes on your Mac

Once you've backed up all your files so you don't lose them, let's get down to business and get started disavow your iTunes account, why is it so important ?; This is because the iTunes account is associated with the Mac, it can also be associated with up to 5 computers.

But if you want to format your Mac to sell it, you shouldn't expose your account and allow others to access it; therefore it is imperative to deny.

How to Securely Format a Mac OS Computer - Quick and Easy

Removal of authorization is done from your computer, you just have to go to your account, then choose the "permissions" option; finally select " remove authorization from this computer »And it will only ask you for the password to confirm the request and then the account will be disconnected from the Mac.

Disconnect FileVault

It can be said that it is not a completely necessary step; but since it is responsible for encrypting the files on your Mac to protect them and they will be deleted, the most recommended is therefore to unlink FileVault to ensure that formatting is done accordingly.

To proceed with the disconnection of FileVault you must go to » system preferences «, Therefore on« security and privacy »; later you will see a message that FileVault has been disabled for the disk; in some cases it may be necessary to enter the password to confirm.

Disable or log out iCloud

The next step needed to format your Mac is log out or disable iCloud ; This is important, as it may contain stored payment information that you have made; While it's true that formatting erases records, if you don't log out of the cloud, some traces of that information may remain.

To disconnect iCloud you have to go to » system preferences »And then choose iCloud, then you can log out and you can also delete the information that is stored on your Mac in all pop-up windows.

How to Securely Format a Mac OS Computer - Quick and Easy

Recovery mode

Now you need to restart your Mac and activate recovery mode; go to the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen and press restart; then use the command + R and you will see how the apple shaped apple logo rotates in a circle shape. This will prevent your Mac from being associated with your Apple ID.

Ready to format a Mac computer

For formatting as such it is necessary to go to " utility disco «, Then click continue; Now you have to choose the main hard drive and click on "delete", this will start formatting. It is important that you know that after formatting your Mac you can easily install Mac OS; just follow the steps that will appear on the screen.

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