How to see the volume or number of searches on YouTube for free

The tags, keywords or keyword are the terms used by users to use a search engine, in this case YouTube.

Currently, YouTube receives around one billion unique visitors every month and whose average search is around three million per month.

We are confident that within many visitors there are many who want to consume digital content that has become yours niche.

In this sense, the greater the volume of search or the number of a keyword, the better the ranking of your video that contains it in the title, description or tags.

It should be noted that the keyword they can be just a word or a set of words that make up a complete sentence.

Until now we know that through the keywords or le keywords in evidence it is possible to know the search volume of a video.

However, this information is not publicly or to the naked eye available on the YouTube platform.

To access it, we'll show you how to use a useful tool available in the Chrome Web Store.

This is the Keywords Everywhere - Keyword Tool extension, keep reading this article to learn how to use it.

Install Keywords Anywhere - Keyword Tool

How to see the volume or number of searches on YouTube for free

As we mentioned earlier, this tool is available in the Google Chrome store.

To install it you just have to go to the Chrome Web Store, type Keywords Everywhere - Keyword Tool in the search engine and select it from the list.

Then, click the blue button Add to Chrome and in the next dialog box select Add extension.

Once the download is finished, it will ask you to register your email and accept the terms and conditions to get one API key.

This API Key is a code that will arrive in your email, after following the steps, with which you can validate the free extension.

When you enter your email, open the message sent by Keywords Everywhere and click on link that shows you.

Next you will go to a page where your API key is displayed, press the red button Copy API key to copy it.

You will notice that in the corner in top right of your browser is there a red icon belonging to your new extension, press it to go to its menu.

When you do this you will see several options, you have to go to the one it says Settings, paste the code you copied earlier into the bar corresponding to API key and press the Validate button.

Before starting to use your new tool, make sure it is activated by accessing its menu again, pressing the red icon.

The green button located just below the name should mark On, if not, slide it for activate.

How to use the tool to see the number of searches on YouTube?

How to see the volume or number of searches on YouTube for free

Now you can go to the YouTube platform to start using this new tool and see how it works.

Type in the search engine the topic you want to know about search volume, such as how to edit a video.

Once you've typed your search, you'll see that, automatically, the monthly search data for that keyword will appear below it.

As additional data, it will show you the CPC or the cost per click that advertisers pay to appear in advertisements for these videos.

As you have seen, it is really easy to know the search volume data of YouTube and use them to your advantage.

Encourage us to follow the steps outlined in this article so you can see the volume or number of searches for keywords on YouTube. Also, if you are looking to protect your YouTube account, you can learn how to do it

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