How to see who has seen a live on Facebook

How to see who has seen a live on Facebook

Today you will learn how to see who has seen a live on facebook. After understanding the potential for professional use of social networks, you have decided to invest your time and resources into Facebook, as it is the most popular platform in the world at the moment.

In this case, you would like to use it effectively live broadcasts and see who is watching them to understand which audience is most interested in the problems you face on the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg.

You can know the identity of those who watch live on Facebook only while they are broadcast, once completed, it is no longer possible to trace the names of those who participated. However do not worry, we will give you a couple of tricks which will allow you to understand at least who could have participated in the deferred video and how many people watched the video.

How to see who has seen a live on Facebook during the broadcast

If you want to see who is watching a live on Facebook during the broadcast, you just start broadcasting and wait for the participants to join to know their identity.

As I mentioned in the introduction, while the broadcast is live it is possible to know exactly who is watching it.

Start a Facebook Live it's really simple: all you have to do is log into your Facebook account, press the Live or Live video button located under What's on your mind?, press the Start live video button and wait for it to start. Add participants.

When a new user views the Facebook Live login, they will see their Name appear in the bottom left (if operating from the app Facebook is Android and iOS) or at the bottom right (if operating from a PC).

If you started live from the Facebook app, you can also swipe the list of all users who participate in the broadcast; just hit the Your Viewers button (the two man icon at the bottom right) and the menu will show up on the screen and there will be a complete list of everyone who is watching the stream.

On PC, however, you should see the list of participants scroll in the right pane.

Al end of transmission (from mobile) by pressing the end button, a summary screen will also be displayed which will indicate who participated in the live broadcast.

Mind you, once you close this screen you won't be able to see the list of viewers anymore (if you don't follow the precautions I'll reveal shortly) – so I recommend taking a screenshot if you want to reference the one after that.

How to see who has seen a live on Facebook after the broadcast

Have you finished a live broadcast on Facebook and would like to know who has seen the broadcast? As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, unfortunately the complete list cannot be accessed of all those who followed the broadcast once it ended.

However, you can bring a couple of tricks that will let you know the names of those who have seen the delayed transmission and some statistics on the people reached by the video.

Share live in Stories

One way to see who has seen a live video on Facebook even after it has finished is share the broadcast in Stories: by doing so, it will be possible to know who has seen the Story and, consequently, also the live broadcasts shared in it..

To share a live broadcast in Stories, you just have to tick the corresponding option in the summary screen that is shown to you at the end of the broadcast, which however is only visible in the Facebook application for Android. and iOS.

Instead of pressing the delete button and permanently deleting the created content, you must first put the check mark on the item Keep your video in the history for 24 hours and tap the blue Share button (if you share the life in your calendar using the Post video to your timeline option you will not be able to see the names of those who will view the video).

Within seconds, the content will be shared in Stories. To find out who has seen the live you shared, all you have to do is press the La button your history present in the Facebook main screen and touch the eye symbol located in the lower left: In the screen that opens, you can see the list of users who have watched the live stream.

Note: As of this writing, sharing directly to Stories is only available for profiles Facebook and not for Pages.

Do you want to know who has seen a live Facebook, in the sense that you want to know how many people the broadcast has reached?

To access this type of information it is necessary to start live from a Facebook page and, once finished, share it on the latter.

You don't have a Facebook page to use for this purpose, so correct it immediately by creating one; you can help yourself with the steps given below.

  • Su mobile/tablet: access Facebook from your Android/iOS application, press the (≡) button, touch the Pages element and then + Create or Create a page. Now you just have to press the Start button, indicate the Name that you want to attribute to the page, click on NEXT, select the category and sub-category from the corresponding drop-down menus, click Next again and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure.
  • From PC: Log into Facebook from your home page, press the (▾) button in the upper right and select Create a page in the menu that opens. Then choose the type of page to use by pressing the Start button located under one of the two boxes you see on the screen, fill in the form that is proposed to you indicating the name of the category of the page it belongs to, etc. Therefore press Next and follow the wizard to customize the page.

After creating your Facebook page (if you had trouble doing that, check out this in-depth review), hit the Live video button found in the Write a post… / Write something… menu and click the Start video Live button.

As more attendees join the show, you should be able to see their names.

After the live video ends, press the Done button, check the Post video to your timeline article, feature it on the video summary screen, then tap Share.

The content will not be shared on the page in the form of a video, it is possible to analyze the statistics relating to the latter.

To do this, press the Insights tab and locate the post that interests you (i.e. the one relating to the content shared live on the Page).

Analyze video reach and engagement stats to see how many people reached and engaged with your posted content, respectively.

Although it is not possible to know the names of those who have followed the live, through these statistics valuable data can be found on the satisfaction of the public in relation to the published contents.

So far the entry on how to see who has seen it live on Facebook.

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