How to SEE YouTube subscribers LIVE

How to SEE YouTube subscribers LIVE

You are a Youtuber? Well , I'm sure one of the questions you've asked yourself on more than one occasion is how to see youtube subscribers in real time. This way you can see if your techniques to get more subscribers on YouTube have a positive effect, this way you can increase your visits and earn more on the platform. Well, in The Power Of The Green Android we will solve your doubt since we will teach you how to use a YouTube subscriber counter in real time.

View YouTube subscribers in real time

The first thing we have to do to make to count un YouTube subscriber in real time is to find out what is the  Our channel ID. For this we will have to look at our channel URL, for example mine is as follows:

  • UCNf9cBLO7Vq_dMPun7HDGxw?view_as = subscriber

Well, our ID will be anything in between the channel / and the symbol of ? , in my case it would be «UCNf9cBLO7Vq_dMPun7HDGxw» (without quotes).

Once identified, we must copy our YouTube channel ID.

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Page to view YouTube subscribers in real time

Now we will use a YouTube tool to see the number of live subscribers in real time, for this we must insert the following link.

SubscriberCount.Live Live YouTube subscriber page

Once inside we have to choose "YouTube" e paste our channel ID which we had previously copied.

If we did well we will see our YouTube channel profile where we will be able to see the number of subscribers, views and videos of our channel. But hey we have reached the culmination of the tutorial, to see the real-time youtube subscriber count we have to insert where it says «Live Subscriber Counter».

How to know how many subscribers I have on YouTube in real time

This is where we can see subscribers on YouTube in real time in a list that is updated every 300 seconds.

If you have any questions about this youtube sub counter tutorial live you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Don't forget to share this article with your social networksplease it would help me a lot to keep doing more jobs like this…thank you so much!

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