How to see YouTube visits in real time with the online hit counter?

However, this was a request made for years by each of the users of the platform.

This is because no one understood how they came calculate the visits that each youtuber received in their videos.

Earning or getting 1000 subscribers on YouTube isn't that important if you don't get the right views. Especially after successfully meeting the requirements to monetize a YouTube channel.

It is no secret that the company has taken care to have a method to keep itself constantly updated to meet everyone's needs.

What are the goals of this online hit counter?

The ease of viewing YouTube visits in real time with the online visit counter is due to the degree of skills that are manifested day after day.

To avoid attracting viewers and content creators to other pages, YouTube is responsible for keeping up with technological advances.

The idea of ​​creating an online visitor counter was born in mid-2017. It has undergone constant testing and created quite a stir in the platform community.

The number of views and how it has increased has always been considered an indecipherable algorithm for channel creators.

That is why the main goal of the counter is know how many people are watching the video at the same time. Knowing who is watching my YouTube videos has never been easier.

How to see YouTube visits in real time with the online hit counter?

Mainly it was preferred to set a counter that did not create any distraction, so it was never added to the playback section.

Secondary objectives

YouTube had a great aspiration to present and present this tool to the entire community that lives on its platform.

Viewing YouTube views in real time with the online hit counter goes far beyond just counting.

This would be the reason to push more people to dare to create content for see the degree of acceptance they would receive.

At the same time, after the introduction of live broadcasting, it could create interest in using it and thus increase its importance within the community.

Finally, being more of a solution to the problem, it would allow us to observe what other types of devices and platforms they access videos on their channels.

View YouTube views online

After constant platform updates, they were tasked with introducing the »Youtube Analytics« system, which is where this tool is located.

When the menu appears on the left side of the screen, you will find an option that talks about » in real time «, Which you must select.

In this way, YouTube gives you the ability to see how and constantly users view the last five videos you posted on your channel.

How to see YouTube visits in real time with the online hit counter?

In turn, the interface of this section will let you offers a counter of the last 48 hours along with a graph. They are responsible for offering information on the places and times when your videos are played the most.

Likewise, another small graph is tasked with show you the replays during the last 60 seconds, including geographic information when hovering over the cursor.

Since YouTube cares and cares about giving its community the best analytics of its videos, it has continued its improvements and services in terms of metro.

Thus, an era of benefits has begun that will allow content creators to help themselves reach more audiences globally.

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