How to send applications via Bluetooth from your mobile

Sending applications via Bluetooth from your mobile can be done quickly and easily by simply installing a program on your mobile. To make things even easier for you, in this post we will tell you which is the best program you can use.

Best of all, contrary to popular belief, sharing apps via Bluetooth no matter what program you use is a lot easier than you might imagine. So, don't wait any longer and keep reading this post so that once it's done, you can get started share all the applications you want via Bluetooth.

Steps to send applications via Bluetooth from your mobile

There are several programs used to send applications via Bluetooth from a mobile phone, but here we will use the “Share app” application like example. You can find it in the Play Store of your mobile, so follow the steps we will mention below:

  • Go to Play Store on your mobile look and for the " Share app " application.
  • Two applications will appear, you will select the one with the green icon and click on “Install”.
  • Once the application is installed, you need to open it.
  • Once inside, you can see all the applications you have installed on your mobile, so you have to select the application or applications you want to share.
  • After selecting what you want to send, click on " Share APK ”Located at the bottom right of the screen.
  • A list will appear to select how you want to share it and you will mark " Bluetooth ".
  • Now you will be able to see all the devices your mobile has found to share the application. Therefore, you have to select the device you want to share it with and that's it.

As you will see, send applications via Bluetooth from your mobile using this mode is very fast and easy if you follow these steps. The important thing to complete the shipment is that the device to which you will send the application is visible so that you can find it.

Likewise, once it finds such a device, it must accept the transfer in order for the shipment to be completed. But, for more tips on submitting applications, read the next point.

How to send applications via Bluetooth from your mobile

Recommendations for sharing an application via Bluetooth

Knowing the application you will be using to share your applications via Bluetooth, you need to consider i following tips. By doing so, we guarantee that the procedure will be much faster and more effective:

  • Both devices must have Bluetooth turned on to speed up the process.
  • Both devices, both the sending and receiving devices, must be close together so that they can be connected. The maximum distance supported by Bluetooth is between 3 and 5 meters depending on the model of the devices.
  • Obviously both devices must be turned on and if you are careful it is good that they have enough battery. While the transfer process is quick, it's good that you have enough battery, so you don't shut down during shipping.
  • As mentioned above, it is very important that the Bluetooth of the phone you will be sending the application to is visible. This way you won't waste time submitting your application.
  • Likewise, the recipient of the application must be on hold at the time the shipment is made so that he can accept the transfer. Well, if you don't accept it, it will be impossible to complete the shipment.
  • Solo activate the Bluetooth function when you need to send the application, this will save your mobile battery.

How to send applications via Bluetooth from your mobile

If you follow these tips, you can be sure that the send applications via Bluetooth from your mobile it will be much more effective. So, if you've already managed to submit them, keep reading our articles so you can learn new things every day.

Likewise, invite your family and friends to follow us, so that just like you can enjoy interesting articles like this one. You may also be interested in: How to Uninstall Apps on Android - Delete Pre-Installed Apps.

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