How to send messages on Facebook without installing Messenger [Quick guide]

Another of the most interesting features is its ability to establish virtual connections. It has a function to chat with other Facebook users, regardless of whether they are added as friends within the Facebook platform.

How to send messages on Facebook without installing Messenger [Quick guide]

In addition to the possibility of allow text messages between users directly from the application or the official Facebook page, it also offers the possibility to send voice messages, as easy as sending a text message. Apart from this you can make voice calls and video calls.

To achieve better communication between users of the Facebook platform, Facebook chat extension has been created, this is Facebook Messenger application.

How does the Facebook Messenger application work?

Facebook Messenger is the Facebook messaging application. This was originally released in 2008 as Facebook Chat. Over the years Facebook has developed several independent applications on its communication system, available for different operating systems.

This was done so that users could download each one independently from the original Facebook application. The Messenger or Facebook Messenger application allows its users to establish communication with text messages, voice calls, video calls, both between just two users and in a group.

How to send messages on Facebook without installing Messenger [Quick guide]

Although it is a messaging application, Messenger allows its users to perform different games selected for this application. The reality is that the Messenger application has so many features that we would be speechless before describing them all.

The Messenger application is currently available for devices with an Android operating system and an iOS operating system. Likewise, it has an update that allows it to be used on computers running Windows and Mac OS.

Thanks to the fact that Messenger is independent of Facebook, it is possible to use the Messenger application with a different account from our Facebook account, we only have to use our phone number or an email other than the one we registered with Facebook, to receive the code confirmation again.

How to use Messenger?

To be able to use the Messenger functions, simply download the application or go to the official website, log in with your Facebook account or create another account with your phone number or e-mail, in the case of the latter it must be different from your Facebook user account.

The application can be found in the libraries di uses of our device. Once downloaded, we log in and click on the chat tab. Here we can view all existing conversations in case you want to join one of them.

If we want to start a new conversation, we have to click on a pencil icon on a sheet that is at the top of the screen, then we select the recipient, or recipients, in case we want send a group message.

Below the text box will be options to perform other actions within the chat, such as sending voice notes, sending images or photos from the gallery of the device you are running the application from, among others. You can also check it out status of your message.

How to send messages on Facebook without installing Messenger [Quick guide]

How to view messages without having Messenger?

It is certainly possible chat on Facebook without downloading or installing Messenger on your mobile, there are other alternatives. One of them is that we can open Messenger from our device's Internet browser, view the message or do other things, and then close this tab. While we don't want to do this with the browser in use, there are a lot more options that would help us a lot with the purpose.

Send a Facebook message in the browser

Opera Mini

Opera mini is a great option as a browser to view ours Facebook messages if we have little space on our devices.


If you have one iOS device, safari is a highly recommended browser to view our Facebook Messenger messages

Mozilla Firefox

This browser is well known for its feature of being able to open a variety of pages in different tabs at once, so if you are looking for something more functional, is widely used and recommended.

Another alternative is to use the application Facebook Lite, it's like the common Facebook application but with a messaging system like Messenger included. To use it if you have to do it with your Facebook account.

How to configure the SMS service on your mobile?

Configure the service of ours SMS on our mobile devices and therefore having the codes that Facebook Messenger asks us is very simple, we just have to follow a few steps:

Register your mobile number

As a first step, we must register the number of current phone and, if we have already done so, all that remains is to click on (Text messages).

Write FB in the write message box and send the message to 15666 and you will receive a code

This step is essential to obtain permission to post or receive messages on our mobile.

to send messages just write your friend's name

Finally, you just have to send the message to the desired person and take advantage of the SMS service.

How to send messages on Facebook without installing Messenger [Quick guide]

Why is it better to install Messenger? what advantages do I have

As we know that the Messenger social network is very complete and accessible to all users since with it we can do a variety of things, from chatting with a person from another country or from the same country where we are to be able communicate through calls, here we will leave you more features that Messenger offers us.

You can make video calls or calls

To get this function, we just need to select the person we want to call in Messenger and then we should press the phone or the camera that is at the top depending on what you want and then wait for the other person to answer us.

You can send audio notes

Sending audio is very practical when we don't really want to type, Messenger tells us that by simply pressing the chat microphone we can talk and then record our audio notes for another person.

to send images

To send images or videos from WhatsApp we just have to press on the + which introduces us to the part next to sending messages, this option is very interesting since we can show other people what we have seen through a photo or video.

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