How to send messages on WhatsApp without adding the contact

How to send messages on WhatsApp without adding the contact

You knew you could send WhatsApp messages to anyone who is not in your contact list? When you want to send something, you normally open the conversation, but in this case you have it saved in your calendar, but you can also send it to people who are not contacts.

This is especially useful when you're going to be sending a single message to a specific person you won't talk to again, or you just don't want to add to your agenda, but need to send them some kind of communication via WhatsApp quickly.

With this possibility you can send a message without having to add it to your phone's contact list, which makes the process faster and more comfortable since you can do it from a browser, from your mobile phone or from what you have on your computer.

through a website

Obviously you need to know the phone number and write a precise URL address in the browser so that a conversation window opens in WhatsApp and you can send the message, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the browser of your mobile or PC and write the URL, where x is the phone number of the person you are about to contact in this way, even if before of you must enter the prefix 34 in case it is a number from Spain.
  2. After that, a WhatsApp window opens, you have to click on “continue chatting”, if you do it from a PC, WhatsApp Web or the desktop version will open to start the conversation, while if you do it from a mobile, when you click on this option the WhatsApp app opens, even if you don't have it in both cases you will have to download it.

And that's it, so you can send whatever you want in the chat, the contact's name will not appear because you have not stored it in your contact list, you will see the full phone number with the area code instead.

Following the previous example, it should be, although you can also do the same if you use the address, putting the area code and then the number where the x is.

The truth is that it is a very simple and fast process and you save yourself having to add people you don't want to your agenda, especially if you just have to send them a WhatsApp message and you're not going to talk to that person anymore.

Su Android con WhatsDirect

whatsdirect is a free application for Android with which you can send a WhatsApp message to a contact who is not in your phone's address book, so its operation is similar to the web that we showed you previously. First, download it to your phone:

  1. Scarica WhatsDirect per Android

Now follow these steps:

  1. Once installed, open the app and it's as easy as entering the phone number you will be sending the message to and writing an SMS. When you have it, click "submit" and it will be sent.

  1. A WhatsApp conversation with the number will then open and you can chat with that person.

On iOS with the Easy Message app without saving the contact

Easy Message w/o save contact is a free application for iPhone with which you can also send WhatsApp messages to a number that you have not stored in your address book, its operation is not far from other similar apps. We leave you the download link below:

  1. Download Easy Message without saving contact for iOS

Now you have to do this:

  1. Open the app and write the number you want to send a WhatsApp to e click on «start chat on WhatsApp».

  1. WhatsApp opens immediately and a conversation with the number, you will see that the name does not appear at the top, but the number in question because it remembers that you have not saved it.

With Dialer for WhatsApp on iOS

Dialer per WhatsApp is another free app for iOS with which you can send a WhatsApp message without adding a contact to your address book, thus saving you that step and sending what you want more directly. First you need to download the app:

  1. Download Dialer for WhatsApp for iOS

Next, you have to follow some very simple steps:

  1. Open the app, accept the information message and write the phone number. So just click on the green icon and the WhatsApp chat will start starting a conversation if that number exists, otherwise the app will notify you.

You have several options for send a WhatsApp message to a number that you don't have as a contact, the first possibility is the simplest because you can do it from the comfort of your PC or mobile, but then you have apps for iOS and Android as you can see.

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