How to send or transfer videos and movies from my mobile to Smart TV in minutes?

It is very common to use our portable devices to enjoy watching videos, photos and even that new movie that we have been waiting for for so long. You must have one of the latest versions of Android if you use it, or a new edition of iOS if that's your case, to better enjoy the audiovisual experience.

Having your mobile always on top makes it the first option when viewing any content.

Even if we have a TV in the house and even a Smart TV, it's easy think that the smartphone is the most "comfortable".

But something we all have to accept is the fact that while your phone's screen is the largest on the market, it can't compete with watching a movie from a smart TV's high-resolution screen.

Especially if, for example, you have a subscription to Hulu and want to enjoy its content when using Hulu on a Smart TV without any problems.

Even so, sometimes, we only get the movie we want to see from the phone, or it's a video that you just found and you want to show it on the Smart TV.

Even if the situation is that you are lazy to find the movie for television. The reason is not very relevant. What matters is that you can sync your two devices the way you want.

First of all we clarify that for these methods to work, both the smartphone and the Smart TV must be connected to the same network Wi-Fi access.


How to send or transfer videos and movies from my mobile to Smart TV in minutes?

First method: Web Video Caster

This app is really a browser, but it allows you to watch movies and videos from the internet on your smartphone. And best of all, it's free to download. In addition, it now includes an option for the Smart TV to parallel play what you see on the mobile phone.

Likewise, you will be able to check the playback options of the larger device from your mobile. Turn down the volume, pause the movie, turn down the brightness and other settings quickly and without having to search for the lost remote.

The step by step step to transfer videos and movies from mobile to Smart TV with this app is very quick and easy. You must first have installed the application on your mobile device. It should contain pages that allow you to watch movies or videos online.

After selecting the page you prefer, the next step is to choose the movie you want to see. We then chose the option to play the movie on mobile. Before starting, you will see that an information card appears because you are not connected to any other device.

In it, you have to click on «Connect» to show us the panel in which we will locate the equipment with which we want to synchronize, in this case the Smart TV.

All that remains is to wait for the movie to start, you will see it both on your mobile phone and on the TV you have connected.


How to send or transfer videos and movies from my mobile to Smart TV in minutes?

 Second method: the game!

This is an exclusive application for watching movies from your mobile. It is free, although it also has the option of acquiring a Pro account which brings certain benefits.

To use it, you must have or create an email and password within the platform. After that we will be able to see the available films that are there.

So, you have to select the movie you want to see, when you click to play we will have several options, where we will choose «Watch on TV».

In the new tab, we will have to choose with which other application we want to generate the mobile-Smart TV connection. In this case we will use the Web Video Caster again.

By clicking on «Send», we will see the Web Video Caster window to synchronize the film with our TV.

This application basically allows us to send movies that we receive to the aforementioned browser. That is, the first app is the one that deals with the transfer of videos and films from the mobile to the Smart TV.

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