How to send WhatsApp messages without appearing online

How to send WhatsApp messages without appearing online

Privacy it is a very precious asset for many users and perhaps you have not realized it, but we live immersed in a constant Big Brother where the technology is watching us. Google knows how to locate us by GPS, we talk to and even say there record with the microphones of our devices. In the face of so much madness, it is normal that we become more cautious and wary of our privacy, that's why today in the Green Android you will learn a simple trick to send WhatsApp messages without appearing online, this way you can take the pressure off of reply to a WhatsApp without being connected easily.

How to read and write WhatsApp messages without appearing online

You stai chiedendo “how can i reply to whatsapp messages without being online?

How to Reply to WhatsApp Messages Without Being Seen (Method 1)

I'm sure you've already tried this way of talk on whatsapp without being online on more than one occasion without realizing it. The trick is to reply directly to a user since notifications panel. To do this, all we have to do is click "Reply".

A box will appear where we can leave a WhatsApp message without appearing connected and we will click «Send».

This way we can reply to a WhatsApp directly from the notification panel without being online.

How to reply to WhatsApp messages without appearing online (Method 2)

WhatsApp is an application that allows you to receive messages without having to open the app, but not what few know is that in this way we can send also WhatsApp without having to be connected. I will explain it step by step for ease of understanding, if someone sends you a message via WhatsApp and you want to reply without see you, the first thing we should do is put our mobile in airplane mode, like this we will disconnect all network data and WiFi connections.

Once we are without an internet connection, we enter WhatsApp, we will see that the airplane mode icon appears in the upper right corner and that there is no data connection. This way we can enter the conversation we want to answer without appearing online, we write the answer and send it.

We'll see what our message looks like with the clock symbol, that is, it is scheduled to be sent automatically as soon as our Smartphone captures WiFi o Data.

Finally, we exit and close WhatsApp and disconnect the airplane mode, like this ours data will be active again and WhatsApp message will be sent automatically without us being connected .

How to view WhatsApp messages without being online?

Similarly we can use the previous trick to read WhatsApp messages without appearing online, it will just be enough turn on airplane mode from the notification panel, read the messages, exit the app and reactivate mobile data.

In this simple way we can read WhatsApp messages without being seen online, how easy is that? If you have any other method, feel free to leave it in the comments, so I can update the article. Don't forget to share this tutorial with your social networks, it would help me a lot to keep creating more content like this… Thanks!

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