How to send WhatsApp messages without having the contact registered

How to send WhatsApp messages without having the contact registered

WhatsApp is a known and famous application all over the world, which has made it one of the most popular in existence. Today it is widely used not only as a social network, but is also considered by many to be a business tool. Thus reaching a large number of users. In this article we will tell you how to send whatsapp messages without the contact being registered.

Although it is an application that constantly receives updates to improve its functions and offer users a better experience, this App has not yet added the ability to send messages to users who are not registered in the contact list.

For people who use this application as a business tool, not having this option can be very annoying, since sometimes they have to send messages for work reasons to unknown people and they don't want those numbers to be saved in their phone's calendar. That's why this post is created especially for you who are going through a similar situation like this.

How to send WhatsApp messages without the contact being registered on the phone

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications by many as a means of both short and long distance communication. This is because it has instant messaging, guaranteeing those who use it a fast and secure conversation.

However, it can become a problem when you want to send a message to an unknown user that you don't want to add to your phone's contact list; either because you need to send the message as quickly as possible and the handling process only takes your time, or because it's simply a contact you'll never use again.

When that happens, you can use some special methods when it comes to send messages on whatsapp without having to register the phone number first. And the most important thing of all this is that it is a very simple process, you just have to follow the steps that we are going to provide you below.

Using the WhatsApp API

This it's a fairly simple method to use and most importantly, there is no need to use third-party applications. This means that you can send WhatsApp messages to an unknown number without registering it in your address book; use your mobile browser and enter a web address. Next we will tell you how:

1- The first thing you should do is open the web browser you have on your mobile phone. Once done, write this address in the search engine: = (phone number)

2- In the last part of the address, after the "=" sign, you have to write the phone number to which you want to send the WhatsApp message or, if you prefer, make a call from the messaging application. It is very important not to forget to enter the telephone code of the country where the person lives.

3- In Venezuela the code is 58, which means that the web address must be: For it to work correctly it is important not to add spaces between numbers or characters, such as the +.

4- After typing the web address correctly and clicking on “ Submit ”, one of these two options will appear: the first, a window will open which will tell you the following: “Send a message to the following phone number”. And you have to click on “ Send Message "

5- And in the second option, will open automatically a conversation on WhatsApp in which you just have to write your message or make a call to the contact.

6- It is very important to write the web address correctly so they can give you one of these two options, otherwise the page will warn you that the phone number you entered does not exist in WhatsApp.

By using the website

Another way you can use to send WhatsApp messages without saving the contact in your address book is to use URL, it is important to note that this method is very similar to the one we used previously, the only difference is that the website and the URL They are different and easier to remember. Follow the steps that we will provide below and you will send WhatsApp messages without having to register the number:

1- Open your mobile browser and type the following: htpps:// in the address bar.

2- At the point where it says » phone number » you must enter the phone number of the person you want to write to.

3- As in the previous method, also in this you must enter the international prefix of the person you are about to write to. For example: the code in Venezuela is 58; which means the web address should be: htpps://

4- Once you have entered the web address and telephone number correctly, click on « Submit«.

5- A WhatsApp chat room will immediately open; when this happens you have to write the phone number you specified earlier.

6- By performing these steps, you can start chatting or calling from WhatsApp someone who is not registered in your address book.

Additional tip to message people without registering in your contacts and even yourself

With this method you have already learned how to send WhatsApp messages without the contact being registered, you can send messages to yourself too. To do this you only need a computer, and the procedure is as simple as the previous ones. Here we show you how to do it:

1- If you want a WhatsApp message to someone you haven't registered in your phone contacts or write to yourself, you have to ask another contact in your address book for a favor.

2- When you enter the person's chat, what you should do is send the following message ««. This is none other than the same website that we used in the previous method; Remember that “ 58 ” is the telephone code for Venezuela, so if you are from another country you must use the code that corresponds to it.

3- Once you have sent the message to the person or contact you want, the next thing you have to do is click on the message you just sent, then a new chat will appear.

4- The new chat will open automatically and you will already have the number you previously entered, or the number you don't have in your mobile address book, or your own number.

5- You can message yourself to have a reminder of pending tasks or, if you prefer, save notes that you think are important and that you need to access quickly.

6- If you don't want to disturb anyone with this method, we recommend that you leave the chat room open for the first time and start typing the numbers you want to talk to without having to add them to your mobile's address book.

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