How to set an alarm or alarm on Android with Spotify music?

And just for what you know, not only can you wake up to music, but you can also go to sleep listening to the songs you like best and scheduling Spotify to turn off.

What should you do to set the alarm on Android with Spotify music?

Mainly you must have the two applications that will allow you to do this, Spotify e Google Clock, so it will all be a matter of minutes.

After you have downloaded and installed both apps from the Play Store, you need to go into Spotify and register or enter your account if you already have one.

Next, search for the Clock app and enter it, create a new alarm clock setting the time and days of the week when it will play, now all that remains is to set the music.

To do this, look for the section of the alarm tone, a small bell appears and you can read the default sound that says " Oxygen «, Click there.

Now you can select between the preloaded tones of the application or the ones you have on your device, if you look closely, on the right side of the screen, there will be a tab that says » Spotify »Click on it.

How to set an alarm or alarm on Android with Spotify music?

Your Spotify account will appear, showing the latest songs that have been played in the application, you just have to find the one you want to place and select it.

Furthermore, Spotify shows you a selection of songs that it recommends to set as an alarm on your device and that can make your choice easier.

How good is it to wake up to music?

Studies have shown that waking up with a sound we find pleasant makes waking up more comfortable.

This creates the feeling that sleep has been pleasant and we can start a new day in a better mood and with less fatigue.

Using music as an alarm clock has become a very popular method, some people even put one on playlists to carry out your activities after getting up.

Some advices

If you want to set an alarm on Android with Spotify music, we recommend that you choose songs that help you wake up easily, whether it's catchy rhythms or songs with high notes.

You can use any song you want, but if you wake up to a very loud song, you may be scared.

It is important to remember to activate the alarm, believe it or not, it is quite common all over the world for some people to set the times and forget to activate the alarm.

It is also good that if you wish, you can put your to-dos in the labels section, so you can remember all your chores when you wake up and better organize your day.

How to set an alarm or alarm on Android with Spotify music?


If you play any sport or training discipline when you get up, you can put on music that motivates you doing so will make you stand up more ready for training.

It is good calculate the routine before leaving the house and set the alarm with the necessary time to do things calmly and without haste.

How to choose the music?

The first thing you should do is determine what makes you wake up in a better mood, loud or softer music.

So you can see who your favorite artists are and see if one of their songs would benefit you as well as waking up.

Try different songs and change them after several days of use, remember that humans get used to certain repetitive sounds, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that one day the song you choose doesn't work to get you awake.

If you have already programmed the list of music you want to listen to when you wake up and you have accidentally deleted your playlist, don't worry because getting it back is easy.

Spotify also gives you the ability to download the songs and podcasts you want and thus not depend on an internet connection to listen to what you like best. And if you own an iPhone, you can also transfer your playlist from Spotify to Apple Musoc.

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