How to share your Spotify #SoloTú songs on Instagram Stories

How to share your Spotify #SoloTú songs on Instagram Stories

A section of #SoloTú (#OnlyYou in English) is appearing in the app by Spotify where he collects some of our peculiar musical habits. Now we will explain how share this content on Instagram Stories, which may affect our contacts.

We recently covered how to share Spotify music on Instagram Stories, in a general way, but in this case it's an analysis of our listening, looking for unique patterns that differentiate us from other listeners.

From the application for Android and iOS a box appears indicating «Discover your listening habits», and when we open it we see tabs in a format already similar to Stories, so it is clear that Spotify has thought that we are going to share on Instagram.

Specifically, these are six themed cards:

  1. My unique pair of artists: two very different musicians that we listen to one after the other.
  2. My travels through time: jump between songs from distant times.
  3. My unique combination of genres – Music genres that are not often heard together.
  4. My Unique Moment – A song we listen to a lot.
  5. My musical horoscope – Looks like a semi-random selection based on history.
  6. My Dream Dinner – A mini poll where we choose three songs for a dinner party.

Actually, the goal of #SoloTú is fun and we're not sure if the combinations are truly unique, although they are customized based on our recent listening history.

Well, these are the steps to share #SoloTú on Instagram Stories using your mobile:

  1. We have to click on the banner «Discover your listening habits» in the Spotify mobile app launch tab, or enter from your phone using the link below:

Website: Spotify #SoloTu

  1. We will begin to see #SoloTú cards, at the end of each animation an option will appear for "Share this story" at the bottom of the screen:

  1. In the drop-down menu that opens, choose the option «Instagram Stories», which logically requires Instagram to be installed on the mobile phone:

  1. Now the story editor will open, where we can add text, stickers, polls and other elements. When we like it, click on "Send to" and then on "Share" in the «Your story» section:

  1. With this we will be done, in any case, the latest Spotify tab collects all the previous ones, in case we want to share them faster.

In general, in the Stories we will rather see songs from the #SoloTú Spotify event, as it is what most users prefer to share, although Spotify podcasts may also appear in the selection.

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