How to share your Spotify Wrapped 2021 on Instagram Stories

How to share your Spotify Wrapped 2021 on Instagram Stories

We may want to share Spotify Wrapped 2021 recap in Instagram Stories, as many people are uploading the songs they have listened to the most during this year 2021 which is drawing to a close.

While it's easy to see Spotify Wrapped 2021, sharing its content can be more dubious, especially since uploading music to Instagram Stories uses two different systems and neither is entirely satisfactory. We will explain both so that everyone can choose the one that best suits their needs.

Let's see the steps to share with all our contacts the music we liked the most throughout 2021:

  1. We need to access Spotify from the app mobile Android o iOS, it is possible that at the beginning a banner appears leading to Wrapped 2021, or we can use the link below:

Web: Spotify Wrapped (from mobile)

  1. They will now start playing a series of Instagram-style «stories» in which Spotify shows us what we listen to most in 2021:

  1. When one of them convinces us, we will click "Share this story" and then on «Instagram Stories»:

  1. In this way the image will be uploaded to Stories, and we will have a text at the top right indicating "Play on Spotify" in so that our contacts open the passage:

  1. In this way you won't hear a fragment of the song, so we have to use another system, which will prevent us from inserting the Spotify link instead.
  2. If we prefer to share a fragment of the music (up to 15 seconds), we must click on «Download» da Spotify Wrapped 2021 to get just the slide image:

  1. We will have to create a new story, from the bottom left corner, load your recently downloaded Wrapped 2021 image from the gallery and add music on instagram with the matching sticker:

  1. In this case we can add a few seconds of the Wrapped 2021 song we choose (using the Instagram search engine), but pressing the sticker doesn't open Spotify, only the singer's or group's Instagram profile.
  2. If we have to go deeper into the subject, we have explained how to upload music to Instagram from Spotify with the different existing methods, mentioning their advantages and disadvantages.
  3. This process can be done with all slides, including ours personalized summary with the 5 most played songs and 5 artists on Spotify in 2021:

Recall that Spotify has already released the most listened to songs, artists and podcasts in 2021 globally, in case we want to compare them with Wrapped's personalized roundup.

In general, sharing Spotify 2021 recap in Stories will let our taste in music be known and maybe it will lead to interesting conversations with other people about what we've heard the most.

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