How to start a conversation on Badoo

How to start a conversation on Badoo

One of the most important or relevant points when it comes to interacting or meeting people on a social network like Badoo is undoubtedly the first message or line of text that is sent in the chat service to another user(s). a Then, the recipient or recipients receive the message, check it and can issue a reply based on the message and that will finally be the key to open the door to an attractive and interesting conversation on Badoo.

Unfortunately, a large part of Badoo users or members do not attach much importance to this point and others, they do not know or lack certain communication skills to be able to give a powerful, innovative and personalized message among other aspects and which can somehow, encourage with a greater margin of possibility that desired or valuable response and therefore cannot interact or be more successful on Badoo or on any social network. Well, the following article will try to give some recommendations and tips to improve and perfect written social skills and may succeed in putting together a first message on Badoo that stands out and deserves to be followed or replied to by the interlocutor.

Note no. 1 | I recommend to all those people who are taking their first steps in Badoo and to those who still don't know how to use the Badoo messaging service this tutorial article which explains how to use Badoo chat, I hope it will be helpful.

Carefully review the user profile | Before writing

A fundamental aspect when it comes to interacting or getting to know a user on Badoo is nothing more than entering his user profile and reviewing the different information he has, obviously, which things or elements can be interesting to incorporate into a conversation and precisely, in the first chat message.

That's why you should review and compare the photos but also the description, who you are and what you are looking for on Badoo to get an insight into the conversation, compose a special compliment and/or formulate an interesting and new question or concern.

What should and shouldn't he write? | Before writing

On the other hand, and in addition to the above, it is important and relevant to make some initial considerations before writing or sending the first text message in the Badoo chat, in order to make a good impression and project a fascinating image. That is why I am attaching below a battery of points which are linked or intertwined with each other and which will allow you to have more clarity and criteria when chatting on Badoo.

  • Spelling and writing: first of all, they must have good spelling and also good writing. That is, in simple terms, they should or at least try to get readable text without major errors. This is a detail that is recognized and highly appreciated these days and always gives a cultured image of the person.

For example, it is not the same to write: He how are you! To write: Hi how are you?

  • Expressive ability: another point that is linked to the previous one and that is worth being valued and applied is that of developing an expressive capacity in writing… This means that they must not communicate in monosyllables or in a limited way, they should be a little more extensive in chat messages on Badoo, enriched with good words, something playful (witty or creative), funny, expressing a certain eloquence and, of course, when it comes to expressing feelings to generate emotions and bonds… But, without being dense or having so much pomposity as to project the idea of ​​"a medieval knight" or believe in a poet of the stature of Pablo Neruda or Novalais.

For example, it is not the same to write: » …you are pretty… » how it is to write: » …I think you are a little princess escaped from some Russian novel… «

  • Courtesy: another relevant factor that must be taken into consideration, therefore, projects an image of someone correct and distinct, is courtesy or being polite in expressing oneself (in this case, in writing). This means that the interlocutor must be treated correctly with the necessary formalities or conventions without falling into pedantry.

For example, it is not the same to write: » …Hey how are you!… » how it is to write: » …Hello (username), did you have a good weekend?… »

  • Flattery (the right ones): A widely used resource to be very effective in a conversation is flattery. However, they should be used sparingly and depending on the context or how the conversation flows. A piece of advice is that the compliments are not trivial (everyone says the same thing, zero originality), vulgar (they produce rejection), direct and impertinent and, among other things, do not become slimy flatterers (which they don't like at all).

For example, it is not the same to write: » …Hey beautiful! I eat all the #$%/… «,» …you are cute, cute, cute… ", To write: " …I was looking at your photos and I must admit that you radiate a pleasant energy in your eyes… «.

Note no. 2 | Remember that a good compliment must be »cooked very well» and only with certain ingredients that will give an irresistible flavor and texture to your message… It must be personalized (related to that person, exclusive), release a certain nobility, grace or magic, some mystery and, of course, be seductive with the words that make up the text.

Start a conversation on Badoo | first message

After seeing and processing the previous points, it's time to use these resources and build a first message for start an interesting and pleasant chat or conversation in Badoo chat. Next, I want to leave you with 3 things that need to be integrated into a first message to be more successful and conversation starter on Badoo.

  • Greeting: You should always start a conversation with a greeting and in an appropriate manner. This, of course, is simple and doesn't require much science.

An example is | » …Hello (username), how are you?… " or " …Hi (username), how are you… «

  • Courtship: after the greeting, there is a courtship or a correct compliment and it should be considered personalized (you will not write about his smile if, in his photos, he is not smiling).

An example is | » … first of all I must say that in your photos you are radiant, that smile is special … " or, " …of course, they already told you… but the truth is that that dress is flattering you a lot… «

  • Opening: It is essential or imperative that in the first message you send to another Badoo user, you add some open question or concern after the courtship and this necessarily requires you to answer with a few words beyond a yes or no. Remember, you need to get attention, generate some degree of curiosity, and stimulate or encourage a response.

An example is | » …uhmmm I know something about you… »Or«…I think I saw you yesterday…" or, " …uhmmm just out of curiosity, do you like guys who…? »

First post on Badoo | Reaction

The most likely thing that will happen by sending a message like this is that the user who receives it will respond with a greeting, thank you for your comment or compliment and also respond to the concern or question asked and with this a good part of the work has already been done to be able to interact and meet people on Badoo with greater success or luck.

Start a conversation on Badoo | last words

Finally, these "puzzle pieces" for making a first message in the Badoo chat have the necessary ingredients to stimulate a response (the desired interaction) with greater probability and it is precisely this response, which will serve to renew a thread of conversation in the chat of this social network with the user or users who have captured your attention and you will have to test your skills and cunning to maintain interest and arouse attraction towards demo users who are interested in knowing. I hope these resources help you get started on the right foot, good luck.

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